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Rookie group TAKEN handling their own marketing and publicity

Six-member rookie group TAKEN is gaining more and more interest from the public, as they are extremely involved in the logistics of their own debut as well as their promotions.

The group who has released their mini-album ‘Only One Taken‘ on the 3rd consists of six members Sungwon, Daon, Taehyuk, Seungyeol, Gunwoo, and Yoojoon. Their agency put the members together, but they left everything else to the boys. The members themselves came up with the name ‘TAKEN’, meaning they will steal the focus and hearts of not only their fans but the entire public.

The boys decided on their debut song “Young Boy” as well as follow-up tracks “Only You” and “Hold Up” without any help nor intervention from their staff management. They chose these songs because they felt that they would best showcase their musical talents, and poured all their heart and sweat into recording this album.

Their agency stated, “TAKEN is different from most idol groups as they don’t take any direction from the agency. We have given them the freedom to perform the kind of music that they desire, and we will not be meddling with their plans. They have come up with their own group name, as well as their concept, their songs for the album, and much more. They are without a doubt unique and will be expressing their individual colors.”

TAKEN will be debuting on KBSMusic Bank‘ on the 18th and will actively begin their promotions.


Source & Image: Segye via Naver

by leesa86 @ allkpop

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