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T.O.P chosen 2nd as most likely to pull off rugged action scene

In an attempt to promote the new movie ‘Special Investigation Bureau‘, a survey was conducted online asking netizens which male idol they felt would best act out a rugged action scene in a movie in the mold of actor Uhm Tae Woong.

2PM‘s Taecyeon came in first place on the poll, having earned 35.5% of all votes. Taecyeon is currently the edgy, masculine member of 2PM and his actions scenes in his new KBS TV drama ‘Dream High‘ only helped him come out on top.

Coming in at second place with 31.6% of all votes was Big Bang‘s T.O.P who continues to captivate ladies with his charisma and strong stage presence.

B2ST‘s Yoon Doo Jun, who was previously voted by female idols as male idol they would most like to date, came in at third place with 18.4% of all votes, while Super Junior‘s Choi Si Won who is currently cast in Poseidon as a hunky maritime officer came in at 4th place with 14.5% of all votes.


SBS MTV’s Special Big Bang Broadcast Schedule

In celebration of BIGBANG’s win at the MTV Europe Music Awards, SBS MTV (MTV Korea) will be playing old shows of BIGBANG and reveal their exclusive footage of the MTV EMAs in Belfast. Here’s the sked:

(Only includes BIGBANG-related shows. See complete sked here)

November 12th

10:00 – (Making The Video) : Oh My Friend
10:30 – (Making The Video) : Haru Haru
13:30 – The BIGBANG Show
14:50 – BIGBANG in Singapore
17:00 – BIGBANG Special in Singapore
18:00 – White Belt Special BIGBANG
18:30 – (Making The Video) : Oh My Friend
19:00 – The 2011 EMA Nominations
20:00 – The BIGBANG SHOW
20:10 – K-POP Super Concert 2011
21:20 – BIGBANG in Singapore

November 13th

00:30 – The 2011 EMA Nominations
02:50 – BIGBANG in Singapore
09:00 – (Hits) Special: EMA Nominees
10:00 – The 2011 EMA Nominations
16:30 – 2011 MTV EMA : Best 10 Performances
17:00 – 2011 K-POP Super Concert
17:30 – The 2011 EMA Nominations
18:30 – 2011 MTV EMA : Spotlight 1
19:30 – 2011 MTV EMA : Red Carpet
20:30 – 2011 MTV EMA
22:30 – 2011 MTV EMA : Winner Special
23:30 – (Hits) Special: EMA Winners

Source: MTV Korea, Graine.tumblr.com
bigbangupdates : *Most of the videos you’ve probably seen already or are available online (on Youtube, etc.) except the EMA specials and BIGBANG in Singapore 🙂


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New Release Date for Love & Hope Tour DVD and Best of Big Bang

YG Japan has updated their site with the new release date of BIGBANG’s Love & Hope Tour DVD and The BEST of BIGBANG set. Both will be released on December 14th.

Love & Hope Tour DVD was originally set to be released last October and the Best of BIGBANG set this November.

Love & Hope Tour DVD Details: Track List | YesAsia
Best of Big Bang Details: Article | YesAsia


Source: YG Japan

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YouTube to Launch Exclusive K-Pop Channel

YouTube, the video-sharing website owned by Google, will create a special section dedicated to K-pop for the first time, a move the government hopes can further promote Korean popular culture around the world.

Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, met with President Lee Myung-bak in Cheong Wa Dae on Monday. He said the company is pursuing several avenues to help spread Korean cultural content, of which a dedicated K-pop channel is one.

Schmidt said Google is also considering using YouTube’s live streaming capabilities to transmit Korean Wave concerts in real time. Another idea being mulled is the creation of a film production studio for small and mid-sized content developers in Korea.

More than 5 million K-pop videos have already been uploaded on YouTube by fans, including 400,000 featuring boy band TVXQ, 400,000 of all-girl dance group Kara, 340,000 for Girls’ Generation, 270,000 by Super Junior and 260,000 by the Wonder Girls.

YG follows path of SM, JYP with IPO, but prospects mixed at best

Are Korean entertainment agencies bankable assets?
YG follows path of SM, JYP with IPO, but prospects mixed at best

Korean record labels and talent agencies are desperate to exploit the global hype generated by their pop stars but the jury is out on whether they are destined for a lucrative future or disappointment.

The companies have so far benefited from the uniqueness of the domestic music market and it remains to be seen whether their unproven business model will prove enough to secure their long-term success as publicly-traded firms.

YG Entertainment, which controls popular groups like Big Bang and 2NE1, recently decided to follow rival SM Entertainment JYP and go public. However, the company’s executives are first to admit that the initial public offering (IPO) has many risks.

YG Entertainment Talks Future Plans, New Groups to Debut Next Year

YG Entertainment made it official on November 8 that they have a new boy band and girl group waiting for debut next year. At a press conference held to address the label’s public listing on the KOSDAQ (Korean Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) stock market, the CEO of YGE, Yang Min Suk, said the company currently has two idol bands in training that are expected to be the next Big Bang and 2NE1.

The CEO said YGE has 32 trainees right now. The new girl group will only be comprised of members under 20 years old and is scheduled to debut in the first half of next year. Their new boy group, however, will be revealed in the second half of 2012.

Yang Min Suk also said YGE will open at least two more offices in the Greater China region. Much like their recent joint project, “YGEX,” with Japanese music label AVEX, YGE is looking to beef up their overseas business units.

“The Asian market (excluding Japan) is smaller than Korea in terms of music sales, but it’s a lucrative market for concerts and live events. Our strategy is to enhance our artists’ value through concerts and move from there,” Yang Min Suk said.

YGE, “The Best” Entertainment Shares is Making Its Way

On the 8th of November, Woori Investment & Securities stated and ranked YG Entertainment as, “One of the highest growing companies that produces the greatest contents with their verified capabilities for producing.”

As YG Entertainment has artists such as Se7en, Big Bang, G-Dragon, 2NE1, etc., they have been able to continuously grow throughout, and with the recent addition of Tablo and Psy, they have also been able to expand their line-up tremendously.

Researcher Yoo Jinho explained that, “The are currently 3 top companies that are individually claiming their spots within the music industry through their own brands,” and that, “Consumers are in a situation where they are able to personally see how these top three companies’ media royalty are rising.”

He then continued on to say that, “Recently, not only has the K-POP craze only been circulating among Japan, China, and the rest of Asia, but the preference for Korean music has risen tremendously in Europe, as well as America.” He was also able to add that, “I am especially looking forward to YG Entertainment’s growth.”

In addition to the 2011 Japan earthquake and Big Bang’s incidents and cases, it can be foreseen that they will be able to avoid the 2011 incidents and achieve more growth if they actively promote in Japan in 2012.

Irrelevant information omitted.

As YG Entertainment’s demand forecast has come to an end on the 8th, they will take action with their subscriptions on the 14th – 15th. The cost for the recruitment and advertisement for it is estimated to be around 22,100WON~28800WON (around $19~$25 USD), and the estimated date for the certification of commendation is the coming 23rd.


Source: Nate
Translation: swaggalevel-1000.tumblr.com

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AA’s Aoora discusses dropping out of school + his dramatic physical transformation

AA‘s Aoora is a multi-talented rookie who’s already received high praise from respected figures in the music industry, such asfamous Japanese composer and DJ, Daishi Dance. In addition to his great vocals and rapping, he also possesses the ability to write, compose, and produce his own songs. AA’s debut title track, “Because I’m Crazy”, is Aoora’s own work.

Aoora sat down with Newsen to discuss his past and the road he’s taken to follow his dream.“In high school, I was a model student and the president of my class. We weren’t well off so I studied even harder for my parents. However, I really wanted to do music,” he said.

He continued, “The school I went to had a system where if you don’t attend for 3 days in a row, you are automatically unenrolled from the school. I thought to myself that I have to take the road I want, and ripped up my school uniforms and stopped attending school. My teacher tried to persuade me and gave me 2 months to make my decision. However, in the end, I was unenrolled. I wanted to focus on my musical studies.”

Aoora’s affection for his parents were revealed when he stated, “It was then that I wanted to start helping out our household financially. I wanted to become a [music] producer in the future, so I started taking up part time jobs in the field of video-editing or music. My family is very supportive of me now. My mother was still upset about me dropping out of high school, so I took the GED and got into college.”


AA’s Kimchi : “At first I wasn’t too thrilled about my stage name…”

Without a doubt, member Kimchi is the one that most stands out from the five member rookie group AA.

With ‘Kimchi’ being the name of a traditional Korean side dish, it just doesn’t seem to pair well with the trendy ‘idol group’ image. What’s more interesting is that Kimchi’s birth name ‘Yoo Yae Hyanggi‘ is actually really unique and would probably be more advantageous for the image of an idol singer. When Kimchi’s name and photos were revealed on the internet, netizens wondered what the group was thinking when they decided on his stage name.

Kimchi revealed, There were actually two names that were being considered.” He continued, “Kimchi and Kkakdugi (another variation of the side dish). Both are hot and refreshing, and just like kimchi it’s a staple dish that represents Korea, the agency wanted me to become a singer that could represent the nation. After some debate, we decided to go with Kimchi.

The eldest member Aoora explained, They had the ‘kimchi’ idea even before we decided on all five members. They wanted a member to come in and take the stage name, and wanted to meet someone who would be the perfect fit. There were many that were taken in consideration, but he made the final cut.”


AA’s Woosang received strength from TVXQ’s Yunho

New boy group AA‘s Woosang stated that he received a lot of inspiration from TVXQ‘s Yunho.

Woosang recently revealed in an interview, “I’m in personal contact with Yunho. I went to a hair shop recently, and there were a lot of senior entertainers there. I greeted all my seniors and sat down intimidated, and when Yunho came, he introduced me to all the seniors.”

“Yunho asked all the seniors to watch over me, and I got a lot of strength from it. He’s a senior who knows loyalty.” Before his debut with AA, Woosang worked as a choreography director for groups like Shinhwa and TVXQ.


Source + Photo: TV Report via Nate

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YG Family Train celebrates 15th anniversary of YG Family concert

YG Entertainment recently opened the “YG Family Train” on the New-Boondang subway line on November 5th. The line is reported to have gathered a lot of attention from citizens as it’s a highly popular route.


YG Entertainment’s entrance into KOSDAQ + 3 new idol groups in the making

One of Korea’s top agencies, YG Entertainment, will finally be listed on the independent Korean stock market, KOSDAQ (the Korean counterpart to the American NASDAQ).

YG Entertainment’s application to enter KOSDAQ has been pending for a while now, and it was finally approved earlier this year. This new announcement states that their stocks will be listed on the market starting on November 23rd.

In light of such a big development, YG Entertainment held a press conference on November 8th and revealed their plans after entering KOSDAQ.

With top artists like Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, Gummy, Psy, Tablo, Yoo In Na, Jung Hye Young, and more under its label, YG Entertainment brought in approximately $40 million USD last year in sales, $9.2 million in operating profit, and $8.75 million in net profit. In the first half of 2011, they also recorded strong figures with $39.9 million in sales, $8.6 million in operating profit, and $6.4 million in net profit.


SNSD’s “MR. TAXI” parodied on SMAP x SMAP

check out their performance below!

The boys of Showa Jidai (old era Older Generation) are back!

Back in August, they parodied SNSD‘s “Gee” on Fuji TV‘s hit program, SMAP x SMAP. Now, on the latest episode of SMAP x SMAP they parodied SNSD‘s hit track, “MR. TAXI.”

Dressed in tight yellow spandex these old men hilariously worked the stage.


‘SM TOWN live in New York’ to be made into a movie

A movie documenting the performances and daily lives of SM Entertainment artists at New York’s ‘SM TOWN Live’ concert will be released next year.

The co-producer of this movie, CJ Entertainment, stated, “A movie will be made telling the real story, behind the scenes and off stage, from the ‘SM Town Live World Tour in New York’, which saw stages from Kangta, BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, and f(x).”

The movie will be a joint project between CJ Entertainment and SM Entertainment, and will contain footage of rehearsals, heartfelt confessions, the transformation from trainees to stars, and interviews about the artists’ future dreams.

The movie will be released in the first half of 2012 under the title ‘I am: SM Town Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden’.


Source + Photo: Segye via Naver

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Se7en to release new mini-album in January 2012

Se7en will soon break his four-year hiatus from the Japanese music industry with a digital single called “Angel“.

On November 6th, Se7en held a fan meeting with 3,000 people at the Akasaka Blitz in Tokyo, during which he thanked his fans for their patience.

Se7en explained that “Angel” was inspired by his feelings of gratitude, and that he wanted to present something as a gift to those who waited for his return. “These past four years have felt so long for me, but I think it felt even longer for the fans. It’d be wonderful if I could meet with you all more often from now on,” he said.

He continued, “This coming January, I will release a new mini-album. In order to show you a variety of sides, I plan to include songs of many different styles.”