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Lance Bass (of Nsync) likes Big Bang and K-Pop

From Lance’s Twitter:

@Gaypopculture (Fan): Which K-Pop bands do you like most?
Lance Bass: Wonder Girls, Big Bang and 2NE1.
@Lun4Park (Fan): Can’t believe you know them 🙂 All from YGE.
Lance Bass: I’ve just discovered K-Pop and J-Pop. I’m LOVING it!
Lance Bass: I’m obsessed with the style of music videos!
@Letterboys (Fan): Dude you really need to check out Girls Generation and all the Korean boyband parodies of their stuff!
Lance Bass: Love them!
@Himurahimeko (Fan): You realize that you’re one of the biggest influences in their industry right?
Lance Bass:That’s a huge honor!

bigbangupdates : [I know it’s just Lance but this is probably the only time I can post a photo of Nsync here so I used their group pic ;)]


Shared by Vic @ bigbangupdates

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