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2NE1 crowned ‘Best New Band In The World’

On November 10th, 2NE1 was selected as ‘Best New Band In The World 2011‘ by MTV Iggy!

The article stated,

“Any band releasing a song titled “I Am the Best” rarely gets the chance to prove it. But for K-Pop sensation 2NE1, it only took a few short months. CL, Dara, Bom, and Minzy — the four fiercest ladies of K-pop — went head-to-head against nine powerhouse musical acts. But like superheroes from a distant galaxy, like their own “Sudden Attack” video game avatars, they bested all before them.

2NE1′s instantly addictive hard-edged, synthesized, amalgamated pop sound pushes the group light years away from the girlie/sexy/cute female K-pop stereotype, winning the group legions of devoted fans far outside their hometown borders. They promised, “I’ll bring you all the way to the end, follow, follow, me.” And borne upon the shoulders of these Blackjacks, they’re leading the way forward in the 2NE1st century.”

The site also posted an article detailing 2NE1′s achievements and background info, explaining in detail how the girls became major superstars.

Additionally, it was revealed that the girls will be headlining a concert in New York City on December 12th.

Congratulations to 2NE1 for the amazing achievement, all the Blackjacks are celebrating with you!


Photo Source : Star News, Korea.com

Source : allkpop

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