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CNBlue 2011 Asia Tour Concert ‘BLUESTORM IN JAKARTA’

CN BLUE, one of the popular band from South Korea is ready to visit Jakarta as a part of their Asian tour which began last September in Seoul, Korea. CN BLUE’s first visit in Indonesia is greeted with joy by music lovers from across the country and even from abroad, especially fans of Kpop music. ticket sales at Early Bid sessions and presale (2500 tickets sold out) prove the high interest from music lovers to watch this great concert.

To improve the quality of the performance considering the convenience of the audience, and also as requested by FnC Music as CNBLUE’s management,   Starlight Management Indonesia decided to expand the size of the stage and make the audience more comfortable by moving the venue from Skenoo Gandaria City Hall to JITEC Mangga Dua Square. changes only occur in terms of location, but the date and time of the concert remains the same, November 26th, 2011 at 6 pm.

‘Bluestorm in Jakarta’ not only marks the first CN Blue concert in Indonesia but also the beginning of official CN Blue’s promotion period in Indonesia through live performance on television as well as promoting their official album with Warner Music Indonesia.

CN BLUE 2011 Asia Tour Concert ‘Bluestorm in Jakarta‘ is expected to satisfy music lovers, especially fansof Kpop music. “We expect this concert to be a celebration for those who has great taste of music and hopefully can bring great memories for all visitors in attendance ,” said Poppy Deviana, Project Director Starlight Management Indonesia.


European Fans: Vote For Your So-Loved K-Pop Act

European fans, this is your chance to show your love for your Kpop favorites! Kpop has been getting much recognition and attention in Europe these days, because of the many concerts held in Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and London, among others. And now it time for the so-loved awards! All European fans (with an acceptable grasp of the German language) can vote for their favorite Kpop acts. This is the second time the so-loved awards take place.

There are 17 categories in which you can vote:

  • Band female
  • Band male
  • Solo artist female
  • Solo artist male
  • Newcomer female
  • Newcomer male
  • Comeback
  • Album
  • EP
  • Song
  • Japan Release
  • Music Video
  • Choreography
  • Drama
  • OST Song
  • Rock/Alternative
  • Hip Hop

Please do remember only European votes count, so if you don’t live in Europe, it is of no use to vote. The voting began on the 1st of November and will end on the 30th of the same month. You can only vote once in every category, so think carefully before you press that vote button!


Kim Soohyun to play a king in the drama “The Moon Bearing the Sun”

Kim Soohyun was a huge success in “Dream High” and now he has been cast to star in a historical drama where he will become a king. This information was released by KEYEAST which announced through a press release that he would be playing a king named Lee Hwon in a show called “The Moon Bearing the Sun” which will air its premiere in January of 2012.

The show’s producer said that they chose Soohyun for this role since he approached his characters as his life and a real personality unlike only an ordinary role. “The Moon Bearing the Sun” is classified as a fantasy romantic series during the Jonseon Dynasty. The drama will be about the depressing love between two characters including Soohyun as Lee Hwon and a character named Wol as a female shaman.

The series is based on the novel with the same title by Jung Eungwol who also wrote the novel for “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” which was a KBS hit TV series. The drama will also be written by Jin Soowan of “Capital Scandal” and directed by Kim Dohoon of “Royal Family.”

At the age of 23, Kim Soohyun has been in several dramas after debuting in the MBC sitcom “Kimchi Cheese Smile” in 2008 in a small role. He is currently finishing filming “The Thieves” which will also star actors Kim Hyesoo, Jun Jihyun, and Kim Yunseok.


Source: 10Asiae

by vleevkimvwoo @ Koreaboo

The Boss comments on their career in Japan and Korea + goals for the future

While lately the trend has been to perform catchy and strong dance songs, The Boss challenged themselves with their mournful ballad “Lady.” After a mere three weeks of promotions for their latest single, the group will be leaving to Japan for the release of their 5th Japanese single “Love Days,” in December.

Member Injun explained the story behind it by telling that it’s about a guy who tries to hold on to his girl after he was caught cheating on her. “Since the days before we debuted, our characteristic point has always been our distinct voices. I think ‘Lady’ is a song where you can really hear all our individual voices,” Hyunmin added.

The Boss’s harmony is like a rainbow
Injun was also quick to emphasize that the group holds a great passion of succeeding as a group that not only produces dance music, but can stand out with its vocals as well. “All of us love singing and have great interest in it, so even if it isn’t practice time, it’s natural for us to sing as we go about our daily lives. We’re like a rainbow,” Karam said, making a connection between their voices and their friendship. “Our voices are good on our own, but together it becomes even better,” he added.

Maknae Jay was also praised for his dancing by his groupmates. “Jay is good at singing, but I’ve always thought he’s a genius when it comes to dancing. He’s really good at it,” Hyunmin revealed. Leader Mika added that he had seen Jay for the first time when the latter was still in the 6th grade. “I was so shocked. He’s confident and talented,” Mika commented. Jay gave a shy smile when he heard his group members’ compliments.

B1A4 to release a Japanese album in January 2012

The five member group B1A4 will release their first Japanese album in January of 2012. Their agency, WM Entertainment, said they will unveil a licensed version on January 25, 2012. This album will include “OK” and “Beautiful Target” in Korean as well as their Japanese songs.


Super Junior’s Yesung and Donghae look sleek in suits

Super Junior‘s Yesung and Donghaemade fans melt with their latest photo.

On November 11th, Yesung tweeted, Leaving good memories with little buddy. Everyone, good night?

Yesung and Donghae are seen wearing suits, but their personal styles resulted in two very different looks. Donghae dressed down in a modern blazer with a white trim, while Yesung opted for a more traditional cut.

Netizens replied, My heart… and These are men who are impeccable in singing, dancing, and looks.


2011 MAMA: 2NE1, SNSD, TVXQ and Super Junior battle it out

All eyes and ears are focused on the ‘2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)’ that is scheduled to take place at the Indoor Stadium in Singapore on the 29th.

More than 2,240,000 votes came in this year through MAMA’s official homepage (www.2011mama.com), which is more than 10 times the number of votes that came in last year.

19% of the votes were from Korean fans, 11.2% of voters were Thai, 10.8% were Chinese, 8.6% were Japanese, and 2.4% of the votes came from Singapore. In total, more than 80% of all the votes were from oversea fans, which is 13% more compared to last year.

The competition is fierce for best male group dance performance, with Super Junior seizing 35.1% of all votes with “Mr. Simple“, and TVXQ earning 34.9% of all votes with “Why“.


U-Kiss reveals covers for Japanese debut single “Tick Tack”

U-Kiss‘s official Japanese website revealed the covers and contents for the group’s debut Japanese single, “Tick Tack”, earlier this week.

Beginning with the CD version, which will include two tracks and its instrumentals; a CD+DVD and Mumo version will also be released. The limited version of the CD only release includes a bonus track, “0330-Piano & Chorus ver.-“.

The CD+DVD version includes an extra DVD with the track’s music video, as well as a making of in the CD+DVD limited release. “Tick Tack”‘s Mumo version will only include the main two tracks, but will have an original Mumo cover. Mumo’s limited release will included one out of seven autographed cards.

It was also revealed that next to the regular and CD+DVD version, “Tick Tack” will also be released in a Mumo Version as well as a Tower Records Version. All 4 different releases have their own covers.