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Wonder Girls announce worldwide ‘Be My Baby’ dance cover contest

The Wonder Girlshave announced that they’re hosting a dance cover contest for their latest song, “Be My Baby“, open to K-Pop fans from all over the world!

On November 14th, JYP Entertainment revealed that they’ve prepared five fabulous prizes for five winning videos, three of which will be from international applicants. The three international winners will receive a free trip to Korea, a free tour of Seoul, a tour of the JYP Entertainment building, and the chance to meet the Wonder Girls in person!

Interested fans just have to upload their video onto YouTube, e-mail the video URL to JYP Entertainment, and leave a message of support for the girls. Since the contest is a collaboration between JYP Entertainment and Visit Korea, applicants must also leave a comment on which tourist attraction they’d like to see in Seoul.

For full details, check out the Wonder Girls’ Facebook page.


YG reveals Superstar K2′s Kim Eunbi is a member of its new girl group

YG Entertainment has just announced that Superstar K2‘s Kim Eunbi is a confirmed member of their new girl group, whom they plan to debut next year.

Several sources told Star News on November 14th that Kim Eunbi was recognized for her ability and potential, which got fine-tuned under her time with YG.

Although she seems like a cute, ordinary high school student, Eunbi possesses vocal skills that carried her into the top 6 for ‘Superstar K2′. Though she’s kept her activities under wraps for some time now, Eunbi will finally step into the limelight in the early half of 2012.

Sources within the music industry expect that this new girl group will have more than 7 members. Interest and expectations are rising high, thanks to YG’s spectacular success with 2NE1.


Source + Image: Star News

f(x)’s Sulli gets jealous of SNSD’s YoonA?

On the recent episode of ‘SBS Inkigayo‘, Sulli, one of the show’s MC’s and a member of f(x), made fans laugh with her adorable request.

MC Lee Seung Gi thanked his fans for his comeback by stating, I will work even harder for the fans who waited patiently for me.”

Then Sulli suddenly stated, Can you fuss my hair like you did to SNSD‘s YoonA?” in reference to the past episode of ‘Strong Heart‘, in which Lee Seung Gi fussed the young lady’s hair after she revealed that she loved that kind of action.

Taken aback, Lee Seung Gi stated, Right now? However he laughed shyly and quickly patted her head. To this, MC IU said, Now all of the female fans will be jealous. Let’s announce the next artist.


2PM’s Nichkhun to make his Japanese movie debut in ‘Ouran High School Host Club’

via tokyohive:

On November 13th, Korean group 2PM’s Nichkhun (23) announced that he will make his Japanese movie debut in the upcoming movie version of popular drama, ‘Ouran High School Host Club‘.


Latest tweets from 2NE1′s Minzy worry fans

2NE1’s Minzy left a mysterious message on her Twitter earlier today.

She tweeted, “If you don’t have much interest, then it’s right that you don’t need to hide it. It’s right not to lie, but you always give ambiguous answers. It’s not that I really don’t know.. I’m just pretending I don’t… Disappointment and expectations all fall.. There is a limit to how much I can pretend to be deceived and how nice I can be.”

She then tweeted the lyrics to Beyonce’s “Me, Myself, and I” shortly after. “I’ve Been So Blind It Feels Right When It’s Wrong. It Took Me Some Time But Now I Moved On. Cuz I Realized I Got.”

Seeing the tweet, worried fans commented, “I don’t know what’s wrong, but please cheer up,” “It seems like she has a lot going on in her heart. Fighting!”


AA apologizes for trolling on Music Bank

Aoora and Kimchi of new boy group AA received some flak yesterday for their behavior on KBS Music Bank.

The boys could be seen trolling –that is, making various gestures and faces– in the background while SNSD was being announced as the winner and also while MC Hyun Woo was giving his farewell speech on the show.

Earlier today, Aoora came out and formally apologized for their behavior on twitter. Aoora tweeted in English,

AA apologize for what we did in KBS music bank yesterday. We were immature and senseless being such a big stage with all senior artists… we’ve respected for all times… Especially, we AA bow our head in apology to 현우 선배님 (Hyun Woo sunbae) who have been greatest MC in Music Bank for a long time… AA regret and reflect for what we did and promise that we will show you decent behavior… AA will do our best not to disappoint somebody who have cared for us.”