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Block B’s P.O. joins ‘Death Camp 24 Hours’ with rising anticipations [111114]

A new rookie idol member will be making his emergence on MBC Every1’s variety program, “Death Camp 24 Hours”.

The seven member team, which is also comprised of MC Ji Suk Jin, competes against each other in various complex missions and obstacles for ‘24 hours of death’ with charity donations on the line.

Fixed member Hanyoung was unable to attend the recording scheduled on November 11th due to an overseas schedule. To fill his place, producers have enlisted the help of a new rookie idol member.

Block B’s P.O. joined the members for the day’s recording. Not only is he the only teen on the panel, but he also earned the jealousy of the other male members, especially Ji Suk Jin, for his cute looks that could rival any girl group.

Jung Juri said, “He’s so handsome!” while Ji Suk Jin added, “I don’t know about anything else, but it’s fact that he’s prettier than Jung Juri.” 

The other male members praised P.O. by complimenting, “You resemble the movie star Kwon Sang Woo, especially your eyes.” As a joke, they said, “You should cover the rest up!”

P.O. further heated up the atmosphere with his husky voice and dance skills by performing the choreography and rap for “Halo”.

Unfortunately, despite it being his first variety outing, P.O. was unluckily eliminated by the third mission.

The episode will broadcast at 11 PM KST on November 15th.



(Source: blockbintl.com)

Via : bontheblock

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