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T.O.P going to grad school next year?

In 2008, T.O.P. enrolled at Dankook University with Theater and Film Studies as his major. He is now doing his 8th semester there, which means that he will be graduating in February 2012. According to the staff at the university, “T.O.P is currently seeking for advice about which graduate school to attend. If this plan pushes through, he will be a graduate school freshman next year.”

On the 14th, photos of T.O.P having a meal at Dankook’s University’s cafeteria were posted on the internet. According to the staff, it seems that he was also looking for info about grad school that day.


Source: Ohmynews
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Taeyang, SNSD, Wonder Girls, B2ST, After School and more to perform at the “Korean Culture Art Awards” on the 21st

Event: Korean Culture Art Awards
Venue: Olympic Hall, Olympic Park
Date and Time: November 21st, 2011 – 6PM
Sponsored by:  The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism & KBS
Performers: Taeyang (BIGBANG), SNSD, Wonder Girls, B2ST, After School and more

Last year, Taeyang also attended the event and accepted an award for BIGBANG’s contribution to Korean pop culture.

This year, Lee Soo-man (SM Ent), Shin Young-kyun, singer Ha Chun-hwa, musician Shin Jung-hyun, TV writer Yu Ho and voice-over actor Oh Seung-ryong will be awarded with Korean Culture Art Award medals. Park Jin Young (JYP), Yang Hyun Suk (YG), Lee Byung Hun, SNSD, B2ST, CNBlue and other idol groups will also be receiving special citations.


Sources: YGBIGBANG, Gmarket, Hancinema

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Taeyang and Big Bang mentioned in Tablo’s Interview with 10Asia

Were you able to have great musicians feature in your album because you already knew them or did you also receive help from your new agency YG Entertainment?
Tablo: Other than Taeyang, I worked with everyone else in no relation to YG. In the case of Naul, I asked him because I knew him from rapping for one of his songs to his Brown Eyed Soul albums and I asked everyone else as well strictly in a professional way. That they should make a judgement based on the guide song and lyrics. And that they shouldn’t feel any pressure because they don’t need to if they don’t think it’s right for them. Even with Taeyang, I’d asked him through Hye-jung before because I’d wanted to work with him since a long time ago. Although before it was for a different song and after deciding to work with him this time around, I made “Tomorrow” with the thought that I’d like him to do something that he’d have more fun singing.

Yang Min Suk’s Interview on YGE going public

YG Entertainment to go public
‘When we obtain the additional revenue through the public listing, we will be able to do far better than what we have achieved over the last 15 years.’

Korean talent agency YG Entertainment, which manages the popular boy band Big Bang and girl group 2NE1, will officially list on the Kosdaq on Nov. 23.

With YG shares expected to begin trading in less than two weeks, investors will be able to trade stocks of the country’s three big entertainment firms, SM, YG and JYP, which are leading the spread of K-pop across the globe.

“So far, YG has been leading the trend,” said YG Entertainment CEO Yang Min-suk in an interview with the JoongAng Ilbo on Tuesday. “Going public on the Kosdaq shows our belief that the company will continue to grow in value in the future.”

MBLAQ’s Mir and Seungho become golden ‘Saiyan brothers’

MBLAQ‘s Seungho and Mir are drawing interesting responses to their latest selca.

On November 14th, Seungho tweeted, Rapper brothers before attaching the photo above.

Both Seungho and Mir are seen dressed in simple shirts and accessories, which highlight their masculine style. But what drew the most interest was their spiky, gold-toned hairstyles, causing many netizens to exclaim that they looked like ‘Saiyans’ from ‘Dragon Ball Z’.

It’s the Saiyan hairstyle!, and You two look like twins! So hot +.+”, netizens laughed.


Son Dambi, After School, Pledis Boys to bring out family album, ’2011 Happy Pledis’

Recently, a picture revealed by Pledis Entertainment has been catching the eyes of netizens.

In the picture, the Pledis artists can been seen gathered around block letters that spell out ‘HAPPY PLEDIS’. Son Dambi, After School, the 7 members of the Pledis Boys (who have yet to debut), and one more girl whose face has been revealed for the first time, left netizens buzzing over the growing musical family.

Pledis announced, This is a picture from the photoshoot for the ’2011 Happy Pledis’ album jacket, which is a follow up of the ’2010 Happy Pledis Love Love Love’ album with After School. This is a family album that features not only Son Dambi and After School, but all Pledis artists, including the group that has been under a shroud of mystery, Pledis Boys. Please anticipate it.”

A portion of the ‘Happy Pledis’ earnings will be donated to UNICEF to help look after those in need during the cold Winter, and the album is also a gift to the fans who have shown the artists so much love and interest.


TRAX discusses their song “Blind”, the music video & the MOGEF ban on “Tomorrow”

Two-member band TRAX opened up about their new album during a recent interview.

When asked if their first live comeback performance went well, they responded that it was “so-so“, expressing that in retrospect, any performance could always have been better.

Blind“, the title track to their third mini-album, is a song which member Jungmo personally wrote and composed. It’s a ballad with a soft melody but paired with an intense, hard sound. The dramatic turn in the song is the highlight. It’s a song I wrote pretty ambitiously so there are a lot of different genres in the song. The sound goes back and forth from hard to soft, and so the running time for the track ended up being longer than expected. Some remarked that the song had a J-Rock sound,” he explained.

In regards to the song being titled “Blind”, he said, When people look through windows, they are not looking at the window itself, but the view behind it. If the windows were actual people, they would desire others to see them for what they are, instead of looking through it to everything behind them.”