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2PM & 2AM perform “Be My Baby” with the Wonder Girls

The Wonder Girls‘ long anticipated comeback has got fans reeling with their infectious track “Be My Baby“, and JYPE labelmates 2PM and 2AM have publicly supported the ladies by trying out the addictive dance themselves!

Ye Eun recently posted two videos on her me2day taken at the music video set with some members of 2PM goofing off. In the first video, Wooyoung happily nods to the beat of the track as the five ladies dance behind him with a red pom pom in hand, even joining the dance for Yubin‘s rap section. In the second, Junho and Chansung accompany Ye Eun as hilarious back-up dancers.

Furthermore, Taecyeon and Jo Kwon also performed the dance with the ladies during a pre-recording at SBS Inkigayo. Though the fancam is blurry, Taecyeon can be seen on the left with Jo Kwon on the right onstage.


Source: Youtube

by lawlietta @ allkpop

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