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Son Dambi, After School, Pledis Boys to bring out family album, ’2011 Happy Pledis’

Recently, a picture revealed by Pledis Entertainment has been catching the eyes of netizens.

In the picture, the Pledis artists can been seen gathered around block letters that spell out ‘HAPPY PLEDIS’. Son Dambi, After School, the 7 members of the Pledis Boys (who have yet to debut), and one more girl whose face has been revealed for the first time, left netizens buzzing over the growing musical family.

Pledis announced, This is a picture from the photoshoot for the ’2011 Happy Pledis’ album jacket, which is a follow up of the ’2010 Happy Pledis Love Love Love’ album with After School. This is a family album that features not only Son Dambi and After School, but all Pledis artists, including the group that has been under a shroud of mystery, Pledis Boys. Please anticipate it.”

A portion of the ‘Happy Pledis’ earnings will be donated to UNICEF to help look after those in need during the cold Winter, and the album is also a gift to the fans who have shown the artists so much love and interest.

Netizens commented, “I’m so curious about Pledis Boys, when are they debuting?”, “It must be the best since it’s a joint project with Son Dambi and After School, I have to buy the album,” “’2010 Happy Pledis’ was really good, so I’m anticipating this album,” and “Hearing that earnings will be donated, this already seems like a heartwarming album.”


by carolicity @ allkpop

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