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INFINITE’s Woohyun asks his loves to wait for him

INFINITE member Woohyun shared an adorable selca photo with his fans.

On the 17th, Woohyun wrote via his official Twitter , I’ll be back in one piece. It’s really cold these days. Please make sure you guys don’t catch a cold. Fighting. My loves, you’re going to wait for me, right?

In the shared photo, Woohyun is wearing a hunter green winter jacket and smiling gently for the camera. Next to him is fellow member Sungyeol who charmed his fans wearing a red sweater and an adorable wool hat.

Netizens who saw the photo remarked, They have such milky skin“, “I guess Infinite went to Japan. I’ll wait for you“, and I’ll look forward to your Japanese promotions.

INFINITE will be releasing their first Japanese single, “BEFORE THE DAWN (BTD)” on the 19th to officially kick off their Japanese promotions.


Source & Image: Chosun via Nate

by leesa86 @ allkpop

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