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MBLAQ’s Mir talks about his volunteering efforts in Peru

MBLAQ member Mir recently participated in ‘Dream of Koika‘, a new volunteer project that was launched by MBC.

Mir was at the press conference that was held at the MBC headquarters on November 16th, and he remarked, I didn’t really understand what people meant when they said giving and sharing will bring you more joy, but I understand now after having participated in this event.”

My family owns a lot of land, and we’ve never had to worry about any money problems. I thought I was genuinely happy but when I went to Peru, I realized that I wasn’t. I was sharing the chocolate bars with the Peruvian children and when I saw that they were saving some to take back to their family members, there was so much that went through my mind. I honestly feel like they have helped me more than I have helped them, and there’s a lot of different things I felt and realized during my time there. If there is ever another opportunity like this, I will make sure to go again. I want to see and learn so much more,” he said.

Mir traveled to Peru to volunteer along with fellow member G.O., as well as Kim Hojin, Park Boyoung, Park Jungah, and DJ Koo. The group traveled to Peru on September 14th where they volunteered and offered their services for two weeks. They help build clean bathrooms, aided medical care to the citizens, and promoted Korean culture with events like Tae Kwon Do performances.

Mir continued,Lee Joon hyung was supposed to go, but it was decided at the last minute that I would go instead. I have a bad back and recently underwent an operation so a lot of people around me tried to talk me out of going. But this was something I really wanted to try, and I was worried that I would inconvenience other people because I was injured. I think my back feels worse after having gone, but I’m just so ecstatic that I was able to offer these people a little joy.

Although he had just received surgery, Mir actively participated in lifting heavy objects and building bricks for the new buildings, truly experiencing how much joy giving can offer.

‘Dream of Koika’ is new series to be broadcasted via MBC starting on November 20th. It is a large-scale project that takes place overseas, and a team of 400 made up of celebrities, a medical staff, and ordinary citizens gather to volunteer for the less fortunate. The first ‘Peru’ episode airs on the 20th, and the ‘Paraguay’ and ‘Ethiopia’ episodes air next month, while the ‘Sri Langka’ and ‘Senegal’ episodes air early next year.


Source & Image: CookieNews

by leesa86 @ allkpop

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