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Super Junior’s Sungmin Is Active in Volunteering

Super Junior’s member Sungmin is making his loyal contributions to the society by his kind volunteering acts together with his fans. In fact, this year will be his fifth year in being actively involved in several volunteering activities. He and his fans are especially active in the Seoul Dongjak Center for the Disabled.

One of his representatives explained, “Sungmin was still in high school when he debuted with Super Junior, thus he had a lot of young fans. These fans were so loyal that they decided to help Sungmin with his volunteering activities. Years have flown by and Sungmin, as well as his fans, are all adults now and even now they are as active and dedicated as they were in the beginning.”

The representative continued, “Every year, around the holidays, Sungmin is donating food like ramen and rice to the Center.”

One of his fans said that Sungmin is greatly inspired by the kind volunteering acts of his parents, who have been helping their fellow people for the last twenty years.


Source : Soompi

SNSD, 2NE1, YB, Dynamic Duo Confirmed to Perform at the 2011 MAMA

K-pop milestones SNSD and 2NE1 have been officially confirmed to take stage in the upcoming 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), as well as renown rock group YB and landmark hip-hop duo Dynamic Duo.

An organizer for MAMA commented that “After the spreading of the Korean wave, K-pop skyrocketed overseas, and the idols, rock groups, and hip-hop artists that made all this possible are all going to come out on stage and perform. This year’s concert is something people should not miss.” Furthermore, he said that “Through the MAMAs, people can experience a wide range of genres and feel the charisma and talent that all these idol groups carry.”

This year’s MAMA will be held on November 29 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Singapore, where not only the power of K-pop will be displayed but forces of pop from other nations as well, such as Singapore, Japan, Thailand, and thirteen other countries. Asian countries may be the ones participating, but the world will be watching with live streaming taking place in America, France, and seven other non-Asian continent countries.

Meanwhile the MAMA homepage is being flooded by votes of peoples’ favorite groups, with 500,000 votes being recorded on November 18, which only gives a hint to the explosion of energy and hype to be looked forward to on the 29th.


[VIDEO/SUBBED] MTV Big Bang in EMA Special (111119)



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Daesung, Taeyang, Seungri and more Rank in Top 30 Male Singing Idols

A Korean vocal coach listed the best 17 idols who have great singing abilities. Sometimes k-pop idols are criticized for their vocals and not taken seriously, however most of them have great singing abilities that capture the hearts of fans.

The list made by the vocal coach evaluates their tone, tremble, skills, volume, and expressiveness.

Some of the idols include JYJ’ Junsu, MBLAQ’s G.O, SHINee’s Onew, F.T. Island Hong Ki, Big Bang’s Teayang and more.

Check out the full list below:


[VIDEO] YG Family Train + Big Bang @ MTV EMA on TVN News


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Girl’s Day and Teen Top win Rookie Award at ’18th Republic of Korea Entertainment Arts Awards’

On November 19th, the ‘18th Republic of Korea Entertainment Arts Awards‘ ceremony was held at the Goyan Aram Nuri Arts Center where Teen Top and Girl’s Day won the Best Male and Female Rookie Award!


2NE1′s Minzy shows off a dance mix on Minzy’s TV #3

2NE1‘s youngest member Minzy isn’t shy when it comes to revealing her dancing talents to all of her fans. Now, she’s back with a new dance mix.

Earlier today Minzy uploaded a video via twitter with the caption, “DANCE DANCE DANCE !! MINZY’s TV #3“. The dances are broken down into 4 parts:

1- OMG (Usher)
2- Imma Be (Black Eyed Peas) along with YG Entertainment dancer Park Jung Heon
3- Sexy Ladies (SHIT KINGZ) along with with YG Entertainment dancer Yong Deuk
4- Get me Bodied (Beyonce) by Minzy

Check out the video below!


10,000 Japanese fans gather for INFINITE’s album release event

On November 18th, INFINITE held an event commemorating the release of their Japanese debut single, “BTD”.


Tablo: “These past two years felt like 20 years to me”

After scoring big with his first solo album, ‘Fever’s End‘, Tablo‘s triumphant success story has been the talk of the town. The rapper sat down for an interview with fashion magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, where he opened up about his current mindset.

Tablo began, “I’m happy right now. The past two years felt like 20 years to me. For me, this is the time where I have to have a fresh start. It’s fun to think that I get the opportunity to remake myself in a new company and a new environment while making new music.”

During the interview, Tablo also revealed the motivation and process behind his preparations for the album. He also explained the meanings behind each song, and the feelings he went through during his period of hardship.

For the past two years, Tablo became the victim of a malicious rumor created by netizens, who claimed that Tablo’s degree from Stanford University was falsified. These claims were found to be empty, but nevertheless, Tablo was swept into a whirlwind of negative criticisms and he was forced to endure much difficulties. Since then, Tablo has switched agencies to YG Entertainment and has been successfully promoting his solo album.


Source: Star Today via Nate

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