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10,000 Japanese fans gather for INFINITE’s album release event

On November 18th, INFINITE held an event commemorating the release of their Japanese debut single, “BTD”.

In addition to a press conference held with major Japanese media outlets, the boys also put on performances for the 10,000 fans that had gathered to witness the event.

Five tracks in total were performed, including “BTD”, “Can You Smile”, “Be Mine”, “Paradise”, and “Nothing’s Over”. Their “scorpion dance” from “BTD” had made a particularly big impression on both the fans and reporters at the event.

After the mini concert, INFINITE held a ‘High Touch’ event with the fans, which gave fans a chance to see the boys up close, and a chance for the members to express their gratitude.

Overcome by emotion, some fans were seen shedding tears of joy after the event.

Check out the coverage of the event below!


Source + Photos: Nate, Arts News

[Thanks to all those that sent this in!] @ allkpop

by carolicity @ allkpop

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