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Super Junior reveals the dates for the “Super Show 4” stops in Taiwan

Shortly after the completion of the “Super Show 4” stops in Seoul, it was revealed that the tour will move to Taipei for three consecutive days beginning on February 3rd, 2012. This is the third stop confirmed, after Seoul and Japan. Fans have been impatiently waiting for the news of the Taiwanese dates ever since the announcement of the tour and also wondered whether Leeteuk would participate as he is expected to enlist in the military next year. Sources revealed that SM Entertainment promises that he will enlist in the military after the stops in Taiwan. However, the exact date of his enlistment remains unknown.

TVXQ, KARA are nominated for the Japan Record Awards + 2NE1 is nominated for the Best New Artist

TVXQ and KARA have been selected as winners in the Japan Record Awards for Best Works.

On November 19, the Japan Composers’ Association, in charge of the Awards, announced the list of the winners and nominees of the Awards. On the list were TVXQ’s “Why? (Keep Your Head Down)” and KARA’s “Go Go Summer.”

Ten songs that have been selected as Best Works are nominees for the Grand Prize of the Year. Among these ten nominees are Japanese girl group AKB48, Kana Nishino, AAA and more.

2NE1 has been nominated for the Best New Artist. 2NE1 will also vie for the Best New Artist on the day of the event along with other nominee miu0214MIU, Super Girls, Fairies and more.


A hidden picture of Taeyeon in INFINITE’s accommodation

INFINITE’s love for Taeyeon was proved.

INFINITE’s accommodation was aired on Saturday Freedom – Family Ties on November 19.

A comedian, Shin Bong Sun, attacked INFINITE’s accommodation and showed their life in accommodation.

A picture attracted Netizens’ attention. a double-deck bed was showed behind Shin Bong Sun and there was a picture of SNSD’s Taeyeon between a bed and a mat.


Leeteuk proposes to Kang Sora with a ring during the Super Show 4

Leeteuk and Kang Sora, currently appearing on MBC TV’s We Got Married Season 3,expressed their love to each other.

On November 20 at 4 pm, before the Super Junior World Tour-Super Show 4, which took place in the Gymnastics Stadium in Olympic Park, Kang met Leeteuk and supported her virtual husband with a packed lunch she prepared for him.

Leeteuk was surprised by Kang’s visit and said thank you. Kang asked him to have a nice lunch.

At the concert started from 4:30 pm, Leeteuk gave Kang a ring and a rose, which he prepared to make a special memory for her.


“You’re My Pet” Is the Number One Romantic Comedy

Out of the three romantic comedies that were released in November, Jang Geun Suk and Kim Ha Neul’sYou’re My Pet” reached the top spot at the box office.

On November 2, “Couples,” featuring Kim Joo Hyuk and Lee Si Young, hit theaters, while Han Ye Seul and Song Joong Ki’sMy Penny-Pinching Romance” and “You’re My Pet” were released on the same day (November 10). It was the battle of the romantic comedies for the month of November.

Since “Couples” was released a week earlier, it gathered a lot of talk and had a strong lead. However, after 20 days, “You’re My Pet,” has taken the lead.

The current numbers are as follows: “You’re My Pet” has pulled in 379,567 people, “Couples” has attracted 347,967 people, and “My Penny-Pinching Romance” 293,569 so far at the box office.


[VIDEO/SUBBED] SM-YG-JYP Comparative Analysis on YStar (110825)

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AA thanks fans for supporting them at ‘Music Bank’

On November 19th, rookie groupAA thanked fans by sharing a new photo through their me2day.

They wrote, Thank you so much for today as well.  Despite the extremely cold weather, our loving fans came to support us.  We love you guys so much.  Please be careful of getting a cold.”

Members Woosang and Aoora were referring to the their latest stage on ’Music Bank‘, where they performed their debut song, “So Crazy“.

Netizens commented, Woosang looks like a statue“, “Those eyes….“, and It’s nice to see the friendship between you guys.”