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ELLE shares BTS video of YG ladies’ ‘fairytale gothic’ photoshoot

A few days ago, 2NE1‘s Sandara Park revealed that YG Entertainmentwas working with ELLE magazine for their annual charity project, ‘Share Happiness‘.


YG unveils Kim Eun Bi’s official profile picture


After signing Superstar K2‘s Kim Eun Bi into their agency back in January, YG Entertainment has finally released an official profile picture of their upcoming star.

On November 21st, YG updated their ‘YG-life‘ blog with a new photo of Kim Eun Bi (18). The sweetheart from the popular audition program has transformed into a confident young woman with a loud sense of style.

Netizens immediately pointed out that the transformation seems a bit too dramatic, however, prompting rumors of plastic surgery to rise. In response, representatives of YG stated, During that time, Kim Eun Bi practiced every day and lost 8 kg compared to her ‘Superstar K2′ days.

YG also released a statement earlier today about how their new 5~7 member girl group (which Kim Eunbi is a part of) will not receive any plastic surgery treatments, as they want to introduce a girl group that emphasizes natural beauty.


YG Entertainment forbids plastic surgery for their new 5~7 member girl group

Recently, Korean news sites OSEN and Star News were able to obtain new insight into YG Entertainments upcoming girl group debuting next year.

YG Entertainment has revealed that they have added a “No Plastic Surgery” condition into the contract with the 7 member girl group.

They told OSEN, “The new girl group is made up of members who have not had any plastic surgery.  The girls have also agreed to the condition of not undergoing plastic surgery in the future in their contract with Yang Hyun Suk CEO… This contract was possible because we were focusing on creating a girl group that emphasizes natural beauty.”

YG Entertainment has done this once before with Big Mama in order to emphasize talent over looks. However, this is the first time that anyone has put this kind of condition in the contract for an idol group. This is also interesting since YG has for the first time considered looks and appearance as part of the selection process for members of the new group.


AA shows off fan gifts + dorm

On November 21st, AA member Aoora posted a photo of the group’s dorm containing a bunch of gifts sent in from fans on his Twitter.

Along with the photo, the idol tweeted, Thank you for all the mentions today as well.  Let’s start a happy week. Aja aja“.

The picture has all members present including Woosang, Kimchi, Aoora, Juwon, and Hoik.  Based on the prominently displayed and well-stacked presents, you can see how well the boys cherish their fan gifts.  The boys teased fans with a cute pajama photo with their hands and feet raised high.

Fans commented, I can see the close friendship“,  ”Those pajamas look so adorable“, and AA fighting!.


Source + Photos: Osen

by MrTuxedo @ allkpop

A Pink meets Infinite for the first time with bare faces

On a recent broadcast of ‘A Birth of a Family’, groups A Pink and Infinite collaborated for the show.

What was interesting about this episode was the fact that A Pink members were surprised in the morning without their usual stage makeup. When the camera crew showed up at their house in the morning the girls were sound asleep, unaware of what was to happen. After making their impromptu arrival, MC Shin Bong Sun introduced each member saying, They’re at the age in which their bare faces are still cute.”

Members of Infinite, on the other hand, had just finished an early schedule and were returning home. Fans were disappointed to not see their bare faces, but still cheered them on.

On this episode, both Infinite and A Pink received homeless puppies to care for and love.