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Hyorin being considered for “Dream High 2″

It was revealed on November 23rd that SISTAR‘s leader, Hyorin, is being considered for a role in the upcoming drama, “Dream High 2” which is scheduled to air early next year.

SISTAR’s agency, Starship Entertainment responded to mydaily, It is true that Hyorin has been offered a role for ‘Dream High 2′ and we have met for discussions. We are considering the offer positively and our final decision would rest on the coordination between the filming schedule and SISTAR’s schedule.”

A staff member from the drama production company revealed, We are currently in contact with 2AM’s Jinwoon, actress Kang Sora, and Hyorin for ‘Dream High 2′. But it’s still early to say that they are definitely in.”

“Dream High 2″ is highly anticipated among fans after the immense popularity of “Dream High” which aired earlier this year. “Dream High 2″ is expected to begin airing from January 30th, 2012.


Source: mydaily via Nate

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Kang Sora and 2AM’s Jinwoon named as possible leads for ‘Dream High 2′

Rumors are heating up over 2AM‘s Jinwoon and actress Kang Sora being the potential leads in ‘Dream High 2‘.

One representative revealed, It’s known that Jung Jinwoon and Kang Sora were chosen as the leads… It seems they are looking for new faces in the amateur field.

Both Jinwoon and Kang Sora are said to be finalizing their decisions.

A representative relayed, A script reading was originally planned on November 23rd but a problem arose, causing it to be cancelled. In addition to the main leads, a novice singer and a girl group member will also join the cast — it will be a mass of rookies.


2AM officially begin promotions for Japanese debut single

Massive billboards of 2AM looking chic in all-black with the caption ‘K-POP No.1 Vocal Group‘ can be seen on tall buildings in major regions like Shibuya and Shinjuku of Tokyo. These billboards were put up in an effort to promote the boys’ new Japanese debut single “Never Let You Go” which is scheduled to be released in January 2012.

Their Korean album ‘Saint o’clock‘ released last September in Japan rose to the #3 slot on the Oricon charts, and therefore fans have high expectations for this debut single as well.

Ahead of their Japanese promotions, the boys of 2AM will be also holding a Christmas concert on December 24th and 25th at the Jamsil Stadium in Seoul.


Source & Image : OSEN via Naver

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Super Junior’s Yesung and Donghae look adorable in pigtails

Defying the belief that pigtails are only for little girls, Super Junior‘s Yesung and Donghae decided to give the look a try.

On November 22nd, Yesung revealed the photo above and tweeted, “at the concert video shooting, with Dong Hae. We are the cutiest brothers in the world!”.

After seeing the picture netizens complimented them on their new look. “Oown , I toootally agree! soo cuute >< perfect . I love you guys”, “luv it.. both of u looks like kindergarden boys haha”, “hahahaha nice ^^ My hair does not look to this beautiful”.


Source + Image: Yesung’s Twitter

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Onew’s video trailer for SHINee’s travel book revealed

Earlier, it was reported that SHINee‘s OnewKey, and Taemin will be releasing a book about their travels in Spain.

The three SHINee members created a collection of their travels in Barcelona, Spain, and titled their book,  ’The Son of the Sun‘. The book will include the members’ photos and stories from their time in the country as well as suggestions on where to eat in Barcelona. It’s targeted for readers who enjoy travelling, and for SHINee fans who would like to get a glimpse into the members’ experiences in Spain.

Although the book isn’t available until December 8th, SM Entertainment has just uploaded the ‘Onew Version’ trailer to give fans a sneak peek into the book.

Check out the clip below!


SNSD to mentor troubled teens on new TV program

The ladies of SNSD will be serving as mentors for troubled teenagers on a new entertainment program to air on JTBC next month.

Titled ‘SNSD and Troubled Teenagers‘, the girls will be helping five young teens find their way out of mischief and help them fulfill their dreams. The teens who have come from all different walks of life are determined to change their lives around. They will be training with the SNSD ladies and their growth process and development will be documented on camera.

Although the girls have been busy promoting their new album ‘The Boys‘, they have made the time and are eager to become mentors for the first time in their lives. They are genuinely happy to help these lost teenagers start a new life, and reportedly cannot wait to get this project underway.

The selected five teenagers have no idea that SNSD will be serving as their mentors, and viewers highly anticipate watching their reaction when they find out for the very first time.


INFINITE’s Dongwoo gifts fans with a video message for his own birthday + He cries at his surprise birthday celebration

INFINITE member Dongwoo celebrated his 22nd birthday yesterday (11/22/11), but unfortunately, he was away in Japan.


Super Junior’s Sungmin a strong influence on student volunteers

When it comes to young students and volunteering, Super Junior‘s Sungmin has been revealed to be a formidable figure of influence. He’s been working with the Vocational Training Center for People with Special Needs for the past four years, and it’s inspired his fans to follow in his footsteps.

An insider reported, When Sungmin first debuted, he had a lot of younger fans who were only in elementary and junior high school. With his influence, these students have stepped in to volunteer just as he had, and now as adults, these students are continuing to offer their time with the disabled.”

Additionally, Sungmin has donated ramen and rice to the Special Needs Training Center every year, in addition to donating to the Senior Welfare Center.

His fans stated, His mother has been volunteering with the less fortunate for the last 20 years. It explains why he takes such an interest in doing the same.”


Source & Image: JoyNews24

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