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The upcoming ‘Joint Organization Channel’ to launch two new K-pop music programs

Early next month, cable TV will be launching a brand new channel called the “Joint Organization Channel“, which will premiere two brand new music channels for K-pop lovers to enjoy.

There will be four sub-channels that make up the Joint Organization Channel, Channel A, TV Chosun, JTBC, and MBN. The primary purpose of the new Joint Organization Channel is to bring a wide variety of TV program genres into one all-encompassing station.  The new channel will feature variety and music shows, dramas, sports and news.

The main difference between this new cable channel and the free broadcasting stations is that programs will be constantly run 24 hours a day, whereas free broadcasting stations only run for 19 hours.

On Saturday, December 3rd at 10.30 PM KST, sub-channel Channel A will be launching their first global music chart show called ‘K-POPCON‘.  Hosted by actor Lee Tae Sung, K-POPCON will provide weekly ‘top 100′ ranks of the hottest K-pop tracks.

The program will broadcast a mini-concert of the top three K-pop songs.  The show will also provide information on K-pop songs placed 6th to 20th on the ‘K-Pop Board 100‘.

In addition, K-POPCON will reveal a weekly ‘Global Chart‘ which ranks popular K-pop songs from a global perspective based on the top viewed music videos on YouTube.  There will also be a ‘Global Pickup’ corner, that will reveal video footage of K-pop artists promoting overseas.

Sub-channel MBN will also broadcast a new music program called “Show! K-Music” every Saturday at 7 PM KST. This show is expected to have a similar format to the already existing music programs on public broadcasting stations. The sub-channel station managed to avoid any clashes with the live broadcasting of MBC‘s “Show! Music Core” by pre-recording the entire program beforehand and broadcasting their show three hours after MBC.

To commemorate its official launch, the ‘Joint Organization Channel”‘ will be holding a live launch show, “Better Broadcasting Stories“, on December 1st. Idol groups including Miss A, the Wonder Girls, SNSD, and SHINee will be special guest performers on the show.  Miss A and the Wonder Girls are scheduled to perform a special joint stage.

Are you looking forward to these two new K-pop shows?


by VITALWARNING @ allkpop

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