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2012 rumored to debut boy groups from SM, YG, JYP, TS, Cube, Pledis & more

According to a press release from TS Entertainment, an online post titled, ‘Boy Idol Groups Planned for Debut in 2012′ has been drawing widespread attention lately, revealing members of various boy groups that are scheduled to debut next year.

The post, though unconfirmed, gathered all the trainees who are currently in the midst of preparing for debut in well-known agencies. Read it below.

SM Entertainment‘s latest project, currently dubbed M1 and M2, is anticipated to follow the trend of sub-units in K-pop. M1 and M2 are being planned as a 7-member and 5-member male idol group, and a couple of the members are already being noticed for their good looks. It was previously reported that M1 and M2 will be promoting the same song in Korea and China.

TS Entertainment, the agency behind SECRET, has already revealed that they’re planning on releasing a boy group with Bang Yong Guk as a member. Bang Yong Guk will be debuting with the team’s youngest member Jello on December 2nd, and the entire group will debut next January. It was recently announced that Bang Yong Guk and fellow trainee Zelo would be debuting a sub-unit titled Bang & Zelo with “Never Give Up” this week.

Pledis will be releasing official news on Pledis Boys on the 1st of December. They’ll be making their official debut with their label mates After School and Son Dambi in the ‘2012 Happy Pledis – Love Letter‘ special album.

YG Entertainment will be releasing a boy group with Kang Seung Yoon, who currently stars in ‘High Kick 3‘ and was previously one of the top contestants on ‘Superstar K2‘.

Big Hit is rumored to be planning a group. A clip of a rap noted for its use of a non-standard Korean dialect has been released, and is gathering attention for its uniqueness.

Though previously reported to not have any official plans to debut any groups anytime soon, JYP Entertainment is allegedly in the midst of planning a 6-member group called 2THE.O. Apparently, they were last seen at a Wonder Girls showcase according to the poster.

The press release continued to report that Cube, Kaist, and Sidus HQ are all planning to release boy groups as well. With all these new debuts in the works, it looks like 2012 will be a battleground for boy groups. Who are you looking forward to the most?


Source + Photo: TS Entertainment

by elliefilet @ allkpop

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