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Pledis Boys reveals more pictures ahead of their debut

As the clock ticks down towards the unveiling of Pledis Boys, the rookie group has finally revealed their faces ahead of their official debut next year.

The pictures were released as a way to express their thanks towards their first fan cafe, which had just opened online. “They’re pictures taken at their music video shooting,” said Pledis Entertainment. “The boys released the pictures as a way to show their gratitude towards their first fan cafe prior to their debut.”

The never-before-seen pictures showcase the various members of the upcoming boy group as they take a break between the rigorous shooting of their music video.

The ‘Pledis Boys’ will participate in this year’s holiday album, “Happy Pledis“, before a full-fledged debut early next year.


Source: Star Today

Tip: loveAfterSchool @ allkpop

by MountainMadman @ allkpop

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