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Winners from the 2011 SBS Entertainment Awards

On December 30th, stars from all over Korea gathered for the 2011 SBS Entertainment Awards, which honored the best and brightest of SBS’s programs this year.


Original ‘Dream High’ cast to cameo in ‘Dream High 2′


Fans of the first season of KBS‘s ‘Dream High‘ can rejoice, as the original cast has promised a cameo appearance in ‘Dream High 2‘!

2PM‘s Taecyeon, Wooyoung, miss A‘s Suzy, T-ara‘s Eunjung, and IU have revealed that they will be making a special appearance in the sequel to lend their support to the series. They’ll be taking on minor cameo roles to add a bit of spice to each episode.

The original ‘Dream High’ was known for incorporating an impressive line-up of cameo appearances made by the likes of Kim Hyun Joong, Super Junior‘s Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, 2PM‘s Nichkhun, Chansung, and Dal Shabet.

A representative of the drama stated, “We’re preparing a list of cameos that will be as impressive as the first season. There’s still about a month left until the broadcast so we’re trying to keep everything under wraps.”


2NE1 wins a rookie award at the ’53rd Japan Record Awards’

2NE1 has won a rookie award at TBS‘s ‘53rd Japan Record Awards‘!

On December 29th, Japanese media outlets reported that the girls had been awarded the rookie award at the ’53rd Japan Record Awards’. The girls arrived on the 28th for rehearsal and commented to reporters, “We’re glad to receive such an honorable award just three months into our Japanese debut. We’ll work hard every year in hopes of winning the Record Award.”

They continued, “We’ll be expressing the power of women in our stage performance.”

2NE1 will be sharing the honor with Japanese singers Ito Miyu, SUPER☆GiRLS, and fairies, and they will all be competing for the ‘Best Rookie Award’ at the event. KARA will also be attending the awards ceremony on December 30th.


Source + Photos: Naeil

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CL discusses 2NE1′s achievements in 2011

2NE1‘s leader CL recently sat down for an interview with OSEN to discuss the group’s various achievements this year.

Chosen as one OSEN’s ‘Hottest People of 2011‘, CL and her members were praised for their ability to churn out chart-topping hits one after the other. The group has gone through a wide spectrum of genres this year which attributed to their success, but CL humbly chalked it up to “good timing.”

CL began, I don’t whether we’re trusted 100% yet, but our success benefited a lot from our music. Producer Teddy oppa wrote us really great songs and we released them at a great timing. ‘Lonely‘ was released when there weren’t many quiet songs on the market, and then we came out with ‘I Am the Best’ right after.”

All year long, the girls have been dominating the charts, starting with “Don’t Cry“, “Lonely”, “I Am the Best”, “Hate You“, and “Ugly“. These are achievements any singer would die for, but CL claims it’s not enough.


Piggy Dolls’ label releases teasers for new boy group, CHAOS

Winning InSight, the entertainment company that’s home to artists like Norazo and the Piggy Dolls, has unveiled two pictures of their upcoming boy group, CHAOS!

On December 28th, the company introduced members Hyunsun and Taeyang, who’ll be “rising rookies with a funky sound.” Hyunsun has a killer smile, and is the oldest of the group as well as its rapper. Taeyang is known for his tall height and strong charisma.

The most interesting part about their debut, however, is that they’re using promotion styles similar to SM Entertainment‘s EXO-K and EXO-M. While EXO is simultaneously debuting in Korea and China, CHAOS will be debuting in Korea and Japan.

Netizens commented, “Looks like EXO has a rival,“Wondering how this pans out,” and “I hope they both play a part in raising Hallyu.”


SM releases longer teaser for EXO’s Kai

A few days ago, SM Entertainment unveiled a video clip of EXO member Kai, sparking a chain of subsequent teasers for his fellow groupmates.

On December 30th, the agency released a longer teaser video for Kai, which was shot in one take. K-Pop fans were once again introduced to Kai’s smooth dance moves and mysterious charisma, raising the level of anticipation for the group’s debut.

Additionally, the teaser included a small sample of EXO-K’s song, “My Lady“.

Check out his second video below!


Cube Entertainment to hold ’2012 Cube Star Audition in Korea’

Cube Entertainment will be holding their first nationwide audition tour in 2012!

Starting on January 5th, the company will kick off their eight-city ‘2012 Cube Star Audition in Korea‘ in Junju, followed by Kwangju, Daegu, Busan, Daejun, Wonju, Seoul, and Jeju.

Contestants can apply in the areas of dance, singing, acting, modeling, and MCing. There are no restrictions based on nationality, gender, or age – anyone can participate.

4minute and B2ST showed their support to the auditioners by stating, We’re looking for the next stars to follow in 4minute, B2ST’s, and G.NA‘s footsteps to becoming the future of Cube Entertainment. We hope that you achieve all that you have dreamed. We’ll always be supporting our future stars.”


Netizens compare the buildings of idol companies

From left to right: 1. SM, Cube, DSP Media 2. YG, Loen, Starship 3. JYP, Core Contents Media, Dream Tea

On December 29th, a post with a compilation of company photos began circulating on an online community board, leading netizens to compare and contrast the vastly different buildings from one another.

Netizens quickly noticed that SM Entertainment’s looked like a town hall, YG Entertainment‘s looked like a venture company, JYP Entertainment‘s looked like a theater, Cube‘s a cafe, Loen’s a bank, Core Content Media‘s an officetel, DSP Media‘s a wealthy home, Starship‘s a villa, and Dream Tea‘s a townhouse.

Netizens commented, “YG’s building is really amazing,” “Loen really does look like a company building,” “SM’s is kind of funny,” and “SM’s looks better on the inside.”


Source + Photos: Donga via Naver

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FIX to debut a month earlier thanks to international fan attention

It’s not often that international fans play a large role in the decisions made by Korean entertainment companies, but their voices have been heard this time by The Groove Entertainment.

Due to the hot foreign attention on rookie group FIX‘s music video teasers, the company has decided to debut the group at an earlier date than planned. Fans from all over the world flocked the boys’ YouTube and Facebook pages to show their support, and the company definitely took notice.

Fans have been asking for the boys to hurry up and release the rest of what they have to offer, leading The Groove Entertainment to express, “The members are all working extremely hard to be recognized for their talents in a music market that is centered around idols. We’re very grateful that fans have taken notice of this effort, and in return, we’d like to debut the boys earlier by having them perform today.”

Instead of going with their January 2012 debut, the boys will instead be debuting on December 29th through jTBC‘s ‘Music On Top‘. The full music video and single will be released as planned on January 4th, 2012.


Taeyang opens up about his friendship with G-Dragon and Big Bang’s future

Big Bang‘s Taeyang recently sat down for an interview with Star News and discussed the infinite trust he has in his members, as well as the strong bond between them.

He began, We went through a lot of obstacles this year, but that has made our friendship that much stronger.”

Taeyang’s already known to be the best friend of G-Dragon, having joined YG Entertainment together when they were just little kids. Taeyang expressed, “As a friend, I was upset about what happened to Jiyong. Jiyong will always be a friend that is closer than family to me. Even if worse things were to happen, I’ll never be able to let go of his hand. I believe that this goes the same for Jiyong. To me, Jiyong is a friend that I’ll be with forever.”

In October, a Twitter post that he had made became the source of controversy once G-Dragon’s marijuana case broke out. For the first time, he opened up by stating, “What I wrote had nothing to do with Jiyong at all. It was just my thoughts on the world. It made me really upset that my words were being misunderstood like that.”


‘Music Bank’ to hold concerts in Paris, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and Buenos Aires in 2012

KBS’s ‘Music Bank‘ is setting out to be the leader of the growing Hallyu wave, as they’ve just confirmed that they will be bringing the show to four overseas cities next year!

Starting with Paris in February, the show will be stopping by Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and finally Buenos Aires, with other cities currently being negotiated. Producers of the show are busy trying to line up artists for the overseas performances.

Back in July, ‘Music Bank’ managed to gather 45,000 people for their ‘Music Bank in Tokyo K-Pop Festival‘, and is the only music program out of the weekly line-up attempting to take their show overseas. After seeing the success of their Tokyo Dome concert, producers of the show promised, “We’ll continue to support and aid in the spreading of Korean culture all over the world.”

This decision doesn’t come without some controversy, however, as some industry officials are of the opinion that TV programs are trying to use the Hallyu wave to their benefit.


Source + Photos: Joy News 24 via Naver

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EXO releases group photos of KAI, LU HAN, TAO & CHEN

Riding on the high levels of anticipation for EXO‘s debut, SM Entertainment has just released a set of photos featuring the four revealed members of the group!


EXO to debut four members at ‘2011 SBS Gayo Daejun’

Four members from SM Entertainment‘s rookie groups EXO-K and EXO-M will be making their first appearance at the ‘2011 SBS Gayo Daejun‘.

SM Entertainment is planning to have a surprise performance by four members of EXO – KAI, LU HAN, TAO, and yet-to-be-introduced CHEN – on December 29th during the ’2011 SBS Gayo Daejun’. In particular, CHEN, who will be revealed for the first time through this stage, will showcase his superior vocal talents that surpasses the level of a 19-year-old. Because he will be the lead vocals for the group, many are anticipating this live introduction.

Most recently, a group photo of the four members (above) through their official website as well as Korean, Chinese and international social networking platforms has been spiking international interest in this group.

Although four members of EXO-K and EXO-M have been confirmed, the exact number of members still remains unknown, drawing even more curiosity from the general public.


Source: Newsen via Nate

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MBLAQ to release new track ‘Scribble’ next week, ahead of 4th mini album

Some exciting news for MBLAQ fans as it’s been revealed that MBLAQ will release a track titled ‘Scribble‘ ahead of their 4th mini album release.

Earlier today, J. Tune Camp’s official twitter account tweeted, The track ‘Scribble’ from MBLAQ’s 4th Mini Album will be released for the first time on various online music sites at 12:00AM (midnight), January 3rd, 2012. We ask for your love and support. Please RT!!

MBLAQ’s official Daum Fan cafe also stated that the track would also be released through MBLAQ’s official homepage and J. Tune Camp’s official YouTube channel.


Source(s): J. Tune Camp Twitter + MBLAQ’s Fan Cafe
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Netizens select JYJ as ‘Best Idol Star’ of 2011 over Lee Seung Gi

Idol group JYJ triumphed over singer / actor Lee Seung Gi as well as girl group SNSD to be crowned the nation’s top idol star.

From December 8th to the 28th, KBS held a ‘2011 Best Icon Award‘ poll on their website and JYJ secured the #1 spot for ‘Best Idol Star’.

JYJ with 58,357 votes beat out Lee Seung Gi who had 53,560 votes to come out on top. JYJ who released their first special full-length Korean album ‘In Heaven‘ this year have proven that they are capable and talented musicians.

Behind JYJ were not only Lee Seung Gi, but also Park Si Hoo, Kim Hyun Joong, Girls’ Generation, and more.


After School & the Pledis Boys deliver briquettes to heat homes

On December 27th, After School and the Pledis Boys met up with fans to combine their volunteer efforts and deliver briquettes to heat homes.

Pledis Entertainment expressed, “In the cold weather, the Pledis artists worked with their many fans to help ensure that low-income families in Guryong town will have a warm winter this year.”

After School has dozens of year-end events lined up, but they took the time off to sweat a little right alongside their fans for a meaningful event. Despite being smudged with charcoal, everyone was all smiles throughout the effort, warming the hearts of those watching.

The company is already donating proceeds from their “Happy Pledis” album. Last year, they donated to the ‘Save the Children‘ foundation. This year, they’re helping young children once again through ‘UNICEF‘ and the ‘Sibling Doll Project‘.


Winners from ’2011 Bugs Music Awards’ revealed!

Bugs, one of the most popular music sites in Korea, has just released their results for the ’2011 Bugs Music Awards’.


B2ST’s Doojoon discusses popularity, winning, and upcoming world tour

Having risen to the top of idol groups in just two years, B2ST is now looking forward to a 14-country worldwide tour. They’ve been on the fast track to success since their debut, and each new month brings even bigger and better achievements.

To celebrate the year’s end, leader Doojoon sat down for a series of interviews honoring the ‘Hot People Who Made This Year Shine’ by OSEN.

He began, “We still have to work so much harder. Really. I’m not saying this because it’s an interview, but we truly felt disappointed in that we hoped, ‘If only we could release another album…’ Officially, we only had five weeks worth of promotion time in Korea.”

At the mention of their growing popularity, Doojoon immediately shook his hands no. “Honestly speaking, we thought we’d hit it really big with our debut (laughter). We thought that even though we might not reach top star status, we’d still gain quite a bit of recognition. That wasn’t it, though. Thanks to other idol groups, we received some attention, but other than that, it was really hard for us. The members prepared their hearts, with some wondering whether they should get a part time job while others wondered what other career paths to take, really seriously.”


SBS airs teaser for ’2011 SBS Gayo Daejun’

Earlier, we reported on the spectacular line-up that will be making an appearance at the ’2011 SBS Gayo Daejun’.

To tease the fans, who are waiting in anticipation, even further, SBS has aired a short preview featuring behind-the-scenes clips of TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, B2ST, Kim Hyun Joong, and Wonder Girls.

The ’2011 SBS Gayo Daejun’ will air on December 29th at 8:50 PM (KST), and features the tentative line-up of TVXQ, 2PM, Super Junior, 2NE1, Girls’ Generation, Wonder Girls, KARA, B2ST, CNBLUE, F.T. Island, Brown Eyed Girls, T-ara, miss A, f(x), Lee Seung Gi, IU, Kim Hyun Joong, After School, MBLAQ, INFINITE, Dal Shabet, Boyfriend, A Pink, B1A4, SECRET, 4minute, G.NA, SISTAR, Davichi, K.Will, TEEN TOP, Rainbow, and U-KISS.

Check out the preview below!


SHINee and B1A4 win artist and rookie of the year on Japan’s Tower Records

SHINee and B1A4 have been honored the ‘Artist of the Year’ as well as the ‘Rookie of the Year’ on Japan’s Tower Records!

On December 28th, Tower Records reported the results for the ‘K-Pop Lovers! Awards 2011‘, which combines netizen votes and album sales. In the artist of the year category was SHINee, who was followed by KARA in second and Super Junior in third.

The ‘Rookie of the Year’ category was topped by B1A4, who sold over 20,000 mini-albums as well as gaining the most netizen votes, followed by Boyfriend in second and Block B in third.

B1A4′s Japanese label, Pony Canyon, commented, “It’s a meaningful award in that it’s a combination of votes by consumers of Tower Records.”


Source + Photos: YNA via Naver

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BANG&ZELO to be the opening red carpet performance at the ’2011 SBS Gayo Daejun’

BANG&ZELO has come up with an impressive performance for the ‘2011 SBS Gayo Daejun‘!

TS Entertainment shared, “BANG&ZELO will be the red carpet opening performance at the ’2011 SBS Gayo Daejun’, which takes place at the Ilsan Kintex on the 29th at 8:50 p.m. KST.”

The two will be performing “Never Give Up“, and considering the fact that SBS usually only gives the opening stage to the strongest rookie debut of the year, BANG&ZELO is off to a good start even before they’ve made their official debut as B.A.P.

After their attendance, they’ll be concluding their activities as a unit group to prepare for their large-scale showcase debut next month. Tickets for the showcase opened on their fancafe this week, and the boys have been receiving calls from even fans overseas that would like to attend.


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HyunA & 2NE1 make it to Spin.com’s ‘Favorite Pop Tracks of 2011′ list

On December 27, the website for music magazine Spin revealed their favorite pop singles of 2011.

Among the various songs by A-list pop icons, two K-pop songs made it to the list. At #3, HyunA‘s “Bubble Pop” beat #4 pop princess Britney Spears‘ “Till the World Ends“, and 2NE1‘s “I Am the Best” took the #8 spot.

HyunA & 2NE1′s appearance on this list is just another example of the Hallyu wave’s continuous expansion across the world. Congrats to both of these artists!


Source + Image: Spin magazine

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Heo Young Saeng releases “The Words On My Lips” OST for Fermentation Family

On December 27th, Heo Young Saeng teamed up with a famous music director, Park Sun Joo, to create “The Words On My Lips” OST for JTBC‘s drama Fermentation Family.

The Words On My Lips” is about a man who wants to confess his love but is filled with fear and regret.

Heo Young Seang’s sweet voice matches well with the song’s sad melody.

Check out “The Words On My Lips” below:


KARA & 2NE1 unable to attend the 2011 KBS Music Festival


Girl groups KARA and 2NE1 will be absent from the 2011 KBS Music Festival that is scheduled to take place at the KBS Hall in Yeoido.

An insider from the industry informed StarNews on the 27th, KARA will be attending the the 53rd Japan Record Awards and therefore will be unable to attend the KBS Music Festival.”

The same insider also stated, There is an award ceremony taking place in Japan the same day as the KBS Music Festival, and unfortunately, it looks like [2NE1] will be unable to attend as well.”

The 2011 KBS Music Festival will air on KBS 2TV on December 30th.


Source & Image : StarNews

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