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‘We’ member Macho trained G-Dragon & Taeyang in the past

Macho from the new co-ed group ‘We‘ is catching the attention of his fans, as he was revealed to be a talented dancer, rapper, composer, and lyricist.

Macho previously worked as a dancer for artists such as Se7en, Kim Bum Soo, and Wheesung. It was also revealed that he has previously trained Wheesung, Se7en, as well as Big Bang‘s G-Dragon and Taeyang on how to be a ‘hip hop’ icon.

He has been on stage as a dancer as well as a musical star, and now he performs as a singer, and has even participated in writing and composing many of the songs on We’s new album.

Macho has proven himself enough to the point where he will most likely be producing his label’s new idol group, scheduled to debut sometime next year.


Rookie group ‘AA’ to release a mini-album in January

Rookie group AA has announced that they will be releasing a mini-album in January. They have reportedly collected 50 songs for review, and are in the process of carefully hand-selecting the track that will make their way onto the new album. The boys are also reportedly working on a song with famous Japanese producer, Daishi Dance.

An AA representative informed OSEN during a phone interview December 2nd, The members will be showing their fans a completely different side of them with this new mini-album. They are diligently going through each of the fifty songs.”

AA will release the mini-album in Korea and hold a fan meeting shortly thereafter. Afterwards, the members will begin to prepare for their official Japanese debut. The members are reportedly working out the final details on a contract with a major Japanese music label.

Daishi Dance who is currently working with the boys remarked, AA is different from other boy groups. They have their own unique style and their music is also popular. Their addictive and intense, masculine beats paired with their sexy choreography will be enough to capture the public,” expressing high expectations for the group.


Enterpost publishes new book on the JYJ story, ‘Pleasure JYJ’

Publishing company Enterpost has recently released a book addressing the ‘TVXQ Situation‘. The book speaks on behalf of the three members from JYJ, who broke away from SM Entertainment and are currently selling the highest number of albums despite being banned and unable to perform live. The book accuses the entertainment organizations and broadcasting companies among others for creating unreasonable obstacles for the members, denying them of their right to stand on stage.

The book also breaks down the reasons behind JYJ applying for an injunction to halt their exclusive contract with SM Entertainment, and more detailed background information on the lawsuit.

JYJ’s growth as entertainers are discussed in the book as well, highlighting their accomplishments as musicians, actors, and musical stars.

The book organizes the details that have not been revealed by the media, making it easier for the public to better understand the ‘TVXQ Situation’. Foreign fans are already demanding translated copies of the book, and ‘Pleasure JYJ‘ immediately became a best seller on Interpark after being released on November 30th.


T.O.P, Sunye, and YoonA offer advice to contestants for new SBS show ‘K-Pop Star’

Representing the three major agencies, Big Bang‘s T.O.P (YG Entertainment), Wonder GirlsSunye (JYP Entertainment), and SNSD‘s Yoona (SM Entertainment) have volunteered to show their support for the SBSSurvival Audition K-POP Star‘ contestants. Viewers are already curious as to what kind of wisdom these three will share with the hopefuls. Reportedly, they showed their professionalism and sincerity by offering good pointers, and encouraging words.

Rather than informing the contestants of what to expect from judge BoA, SNSD’s Yoona drew attention for sharing her thoughts on what label mate and senior, BoA, is like behind-the-scenes. Senior BoA has a side that’s soft and sensitive. When the SNSD girls spend time with her, she easily jokes around and makes us feel comfortable,” she said. Yoona also reminded the contestants that it is most important to be confident during any given performance.

Big Bang’s T.O.P whose face was captured in the pilot teaser stated, Don’t try to make up extra things up as you go. CEO Yang Hyun Suk hates when you try to please someone so bad that you make others feel uncomfortable. It’s most important to show him your potential. If you do that, then you’ll have well delivered your true talent.”

J.Y. Park previously remarked that he was determined to meticulously turn each page in his book, so that he would not accidentally skip over someone, ruining their dreams forever. Sunye was deeply touched by his determination, and the singer who auditioned before J.Y. Park ten years ago offered her encouragement to the contestants with, All of the judges including J.Y. Park are such perfectionists that they will be able to easily catch each of your talents.”


Past photos of Sandara Park with Filipino star Joseph Bitangcol surface online

Past photos of 2NE1 member Sandara Park and Filipino star Joseph Bitangcol have surfaced on various online community sites, becoming a hot discussion topic amongst fans and netizens.

In the photos, the two take on several different poses and in one, the two look as though their lips are about to touch. Sandara donned adorable poses like she still does in Korea today while Joseph looks affectionately towards Dara.

The photos were actually taken when the two were cast in a Filipino program called ‘Love Team‘ which is similar to Korea’s ‘We Got Married‘. Celebrities are assigned a partner and the two become an on-air couple.

Not only was Sandara cast in ‘Love Team’ with Joseph Bitangcol, but she has also worked with ABS-CBNStar Circle Quest‘ winner Hero Angeles.


INFINITE to hold their first concert in February 2012

INFINITE will be holding their first concert in February of 2012!

Their concert will be held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium and 8,000 fans are expected to attend. CJ E&M Enterprise will be in charge of the planning, and they stated, INFINITE is a group that is always in synch and the members are very sincere about their job as singers. Such characteristics will help to make their first concert the best one.

The members expressed, We will start off the year 2012 positively with our first concert. We will think of it as a gift of gratitude to our fans and will do our best to make the concert great.

The concert will be held on February 11th and 12th.


Kang Seung Yoon and Kim Eun Bi will not participate in YG’s ’15th Anniversary Family Concert’

YG Entertainment‘s newest generation of artists, Kang Seung Yoon and Kim Eun Bi, will not be taking part in the upcoming YG Family concert this year.

Kang Seung Yoon and Kim Eun Bi were participants in last year’s ‘Superstar K2‘ and were recognized for their potential after placing in fourth and sixth place, respectively. They later signed with YG Entertainment and began training under the prestigious label.

Kim Eun Bi in particular has been gaining a lot of attention after news got out that she will be debuting in YG’s upcoming girl group. Similarly, Kang Seung Yoon is becoming a rising star after he started acting in MBC‘s popular sitcom, ‘High Kick 3‘.

Despite their contract with YG Entertainment, Kang Seung Yoon and Kim Eun Bi have yet to release any official albums. Fans were expecting to see the two rookies at the concert, however, because of their prior experience on ‘Superstar K2′.


SNSD unveils jacket cover for “Mr. Taxi”

The ladies of SNSD enjoyed an extremely successful run with their comeback song, “The Boys“, and now they’re planning to continue the trend with “Mr. Taxi“!

Scheduled to hit shelves on December 9th, this repackaged version of their 3rd full-length album features an all-new jacket cover that sees a sexy concept transformation from cosmopolitan girls to leather-rocking cabbies.

SNSD will be performing their follow-up song later this week, so stay tuned!


Source + Image: Leesmusic Korea
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Big Bang’s G-Dragon confirmed for YG Family concert!

It’s been confirmed that Big Bang‘s leader, G-Dragon, will perform at the upcoming YG Family concert!

According to concert representatives on December 2nd, G-Dragon showed up in the early morning for rehearsal and successfully completed his preparations.

The announcement finally put to rest fans’ anxieties about the concert, as YG Entertainment had been mum about G-Dragon’s appearance due to an unpleasant controversy. In fact, reports are saying that YG seriously debated on the idea of G-Dragon’s participation until very recently.

However, since the YG Family concert is an event where all YG artists come together to successfully wrap up the year, the agency decided to let G-Dragon perform so that he could repay and thank his supportive fans.