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Big Bang’s G-Dragon confirmed for YG Family concert!

It’s been confirmed that Big Bang‘s leader, G-Dragon, will perform at the upcoming YG Family concert!

According to concert representatives on December 2nd, G-Dragon showed up in the early morning for rehearsal and successfully completed his preparations.

The announcement finally put to rest fans’ anxieties about the concert, as YG Entertainment had been mum about G-Dragon’s appearance due to an unpleasant controversy. In fact, reports are saying that YG seriously debated on the idea of G-Dragon’s participation until very recently.

However, since the YG Family concert is an event where all YG artists come together to successfully wrap up the year, the agency decided to let G-Dragon perform so that he could repay and thank his supportive fans.

G-Dragon’s participation was further backed up by the fact that this year is the ‘15th Anniversary YG Family Concert‘, which will be attended by over 200,000 people from both Korea and Japan. In light of such facts, it seemed unrealistic to leave out one of YG’s top stars from such a big company event.

Now that G-Dragon and Daesung‘s have been confirmed in the YG Family concert line-up, the concert will carry a bigger significance for those fans who’ve been waiting for months to see all five members perform together again. With the exception of Big Bang’s appearance at the ‘2011 MTV EMA‘ show for their ‘Best Worldwide Act’ win, this will be Big Bang’s first time appearing as a complete group.

Get ready VIPs, because GD is back!


Source + Photos: Star News via Naver

by CWK @ allkpop

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