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Enterpost publishes new book on the JYJ story, ‘Pleasure JYJ’

Publishing company Enterpost has recently released a book addressing the ‘TVXQ Situation‘. The book speaks on behalf of the three members from JYJ, who broke away from SM Entertainment and are currently selling the highest number of albums despite being banned and unable to perform live. The book accuses the entertainment organizations and broadcasting companies among others for creating unreasonable obstacles for the members, denying them of their right to stand on stage.

The book also breaks down the reasons behind JYJ applying for an injunction to halt their exclusive contract with SM Entertainment, and more detailed background information on the lawsuit.

JYJ’s growth as entertainers are discussed in the book as well, highlighting their accomplishments as musicians, actors, and musical stars.

The book organizes the details that have not been revealed by the media, making it easier for the public to better understand the ‘TVXQ Situation’. Foreign fans are already demanding translated copies of the book, and ‘Pleasure JYJ‘ immediately became a best seller on Interpark after being released on November 30th.


Source & Image: JoongAngNews

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in.] @ allkpop

by leesa86 @ allkpop

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