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“K-pop Star,” BoA, Yang Hyun Seok, and Park Jin Young clarify their screening criteria

The Big 3 judges – BoAYang Hyun Seok, and Park Jin Young of SBS TV’s Survival Audition K-pop Star, clarified their screening criteria that are clearly distinguished from other audition programs.

The three judges of K-pop Star, which will start airing from December 4, drew attention by clarifying their screening criteria that reflect their strong individuality. The interview with them will be shown in the first episode of K-pop Star.

Yang Hyun Seok, as the oldest out of the Big 3, said he would screen applicants based on their talent. He said, “I feel sorry to say this but I think over 50% of the talent most stars have is something innate. People can achieve some from their efforts but cannot expect more than that. Making effort is also important but over 50% (of the conditions to become a star) is gifted talent.”

Park Jin Young said he would pay close attention to the participant’s originality and self-confidence when screening. He said, “Participants who have their own merit, who well express themselves, who have their own things either voice or dance, and who present their originality will be able to go towards becoming the K-pop star at the end. The most important virtue to become a star is self-confidence. He or she really has to love his or her own look and voice.”


A Pink Talks About Their “My My” Comeback

It goes without saying that A Pink’s concept of nostalgia worked, especially since they managed to take home the rookie award at the “2011 MAMA.” Before, the girls had claimed that they were a bit shy and embarrassed to be acting so cute for the camera, but in their latest interview, they admitted to feeling at home now.

The girls are currently promoting “My My” from their second mini-album, “Snow Pink.” Much like their debut concept, the girls remain as cute as ever, but with improvement shown in their stronger vocal and choreography skills.

Idol groups have been releasing singles back to back in order to stay in the spotlight, but A Pink opted to take a four month break. “We promoted for three months and went on hiatus for four. We hadn’t gotten our name out there yet, so we were afraid and nervous about being forgotten.”

A Pink continued, “During those four short months, so many new idol groups have emerged. We were just a bit greedy for a rookie award but gave up on the thought thinking that it was out of our reach (laugh). Watching the music programs every week only made us want to get back to the stage that much faster. We were also sorry for making our fans wait for so long. All of our feelings were reflected in our album, however.”


Troublemaker Discusses Their Unit Activities and “MAMA” Kiss

On December 2, Troublemaker‘s Hyun Seung and HyunA met up with reporters for a brief interview discussing their unit venture together.

Asked about his much talked about stage name, JS, Hyun Seung said, “I wanted to use a stage name because I was a bit disappointed in debuting with my real name under BEAST. Our CEO originally told me that he’d think about it if I came up with something cool. I’ll explain the meaning behind JS on my Twitter after our first stage.”

On his unit group, he commented, “Personally, I’m glad that I can finally show everything that I’ve been wanting to express. I paid particular attention to my live and rehearsed a lot for it. I also worked with the stylist for our outfits, so overall, a lot of my opinions are reflected in our style.”

He continued, “I was glad to have a lot of time to rehearse on my own while the other members were pursuing individual activities. I admit that there is a part of me that’s addicted to work because sometimes I’d feel nervous when I’m not rehearsing.”


Celebrities who went to YG Family Concert 2011 (111203)

Kang Dong Won (actor)
Ko Hyun Jung (actress)
BEAST (singers)
Kang Ho Dong (MC)
Lee Hyuk Soo (actor/model/friend of GD&TOP)
Kim Min Hee (actress/model/friend of GD&TOP)
Park Tae Hwan (T.O.P’s schoolmate/swimmer)
Chan Ho Park (Korean baseball player)
Park Min Young (actress/Haru Haru)
Shim Eun-ha (actress) and her husband Ji Sang-wook (former Seoul mayoral candidate)
Lee Young-ae (actress)
Song Seungheon (actor)
Son Ye Jin (actress)
Kim Tae Hee (actress)
Yang Dong Geun (actor/worked with T.O.P in I Am Sam)
Cha Seung Won (actor/worked with T.O.P in Into the Fire)
Kwon Sang Woo (actor) and his wife Son Tae-young (actress)
TEEN TOP (singers)
Ha Ji-won (actress)

bigbangupdates>>>>Note: This isn’t an official/confirmed list. Source is also a fansite.


Credits: YGFAMILY Taiwan, Glinapooh

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YG Family Concert 2011 Set List + Link Guide

Set List

BIGBANG Group Set List:
Part 1
1) Tonight Remix
2) Hands Up
+) Talk/Introductions
3) Cafe
4) Love Song Acoustic Version

Part 2 (after other artists’ performances)
5) Haru Haru
6) Lies
+) Talk
7) Heaven

BIGBANG with YG Family:
1) T.O.P – Digital Bounce with Se7en
2) G-Dragon – Hip-Hop Gentlemen with Jinusean and Se7en
3) Taeyang – Tomorrow with Tablo
4) Daesung – It Hurts (2NE1) with Se7en
5) Daesung, Taeyang, Seungri – Lonely Acoustic Version (2NE1) with Se7en
6) GD&TOP – Oh Yeah with Minzy & CL
7) GD&TOP – High High
8) Seungri – Short skit imitating Se7en
9) G-Dragon – Heartbreaker with Gummy (This version will be released in Gummy’s new album)
10) BIGBANG except Taeyang – I Am The Best (GD did CL’s part, Seungri – Dara, T.O.P – Bom and Daesung did Minzy’s)
11) YG Family – Champion


Park Bom spotted shopping for lingerie

2NE1‘s lead vocalist Park Bom was recently spotted shopping for unmentionables.

This photo surfaced on an online community board recently under the title, Park Bom shopping.’

Bom is seen browsing through some lacy underthings at a high-end boutique. Her leopard-print boy shorts drew attention to her long, slender legs, further bumping the popularity of this photo online.

Netizens commented, Park Bom has the best backside“, “Shopping for underwear? This is embarrassing“, and Her legs are seriously amazing.


Source & Image : DongA via Nate

by leesa86 @ allkpop

IU opens up about her school life in the past

During a recent interview, singer IU talked about her stance on pursuing further education.

She stated, Up until my junior year of high school, I studied really hard. When I was in elementary and junior high school, I was class president a lot of the time. I really loved leadership. However, when I made my debut at the end of junior high school, my grades started slipping.”

I don’t know if I really need to concentrate on my studies right now,” said IU. “I didn’t take my college entrance exam this year because I have no plans for college at the moment.”

She then continued, Of course, some sort of common knowledge and understanding is important, but I don’t feel the need to know math or science. Recently, I’ve been hooked on reading books. When I’m by myself, I usually read or write lyrics.”