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A Pink Talks About Their “My My” Comeback

It goes without saying that A Pink’s concept of nostalgia worked, especially since they managed to take home the rookie award at the “2011 MAMA.” Before, the girls had claimed that they were a bit shy and embarrassed to be acting so cute for the camera, but in their latest interview, they admitted to feeling at home now.

The girls are currently promoting “My My” from their second mini-album, “Snow Pink.” Much like their debut concept, the girls remain as cute as ever, but with improvement shown in their stronger vocal and choreography skills.

Idol groups have been releasing singles back to back in order to stay in the spotlight, but A Pink opted to take a four month break. “We promoted for three months and went on hiatus for four. We hadn’t gotten our name out there yet, so we were afraid and nervous about being forgotten.”

A Pink continued, “During those four short months, so many new idol groups have emerged. We were just a bit greedy for a rookie award but gave up on the thought thinking that it was out of our reach (laugh). Watching the music programs every week only made us want to get back to the stage that much faster. We were also sorry for making our fans wait for so long. All of our feelings were reflected in our album, however.”

Asked about their rookie award, they said with proud smiles, “We knew that we wouldn’t be able to control ourselves if we started crying so we held it in to the best of our ability.” Instead of crying, they went back to their dorms and held a small party of their own, dancing to hip hop music and bringing out their favorite dishes.

On coming back with a concept reminiscent of S.E.S. and Fin.K.L., A Pink concluded, “Right up until our debut, we were practicing to powerful music so we were really shy performing ‘I Don’t Know.’ It was kind of embarrassing that people called us ‘elf idols.’ These days, however, we’ve gotten used to it and don’t think that we can carry out a powerful or sexy concept like we would have been able to before. Now, we feel that the ‘elf idol’ concept fits us the best (laugh). We can do powerful things later on, but it’s only now that we can be cute.”


Source : Soompi

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