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“K-pop Star,” BoA, Yang Hyun Seok, and Park Jin Young clarify their screening criteria

The Big 3 judges – BoAYang Hyun Seok, and Park Jin Young of SBS TV’s Survival Audition K-pop Star, clarified their screening criteria that are clearly distinguished from other audition programs.

The three judges of K-pop Star, which will start airing from December 4, drew attention by clarifying their screening criteria that reflect their strong individuality. The interview with them will be shown in the first episode of K-pop Star.

Yang Hyun Seok, as the oldest out of the Big 3, said he would screen applicants based on their talent. He said, “I feel sorry to say this but I think over 50% of the talent most stars have is something innate. People can achieve some from their efforts but cannot expect more than that. Making effort is also important but over 50% (of the conditions to become a star) is gifted talent.”

Park Jin Young said he would pay close attention to the participant’s originality and self-confidence when screening. He said, “Participants who have their own merit, who well express themselves, who have their own things either voice or dance, and who present their originality will be able to go towards becoming the K-pop star at the end. The most important virtue to become a star is self-confidence. He or she really has to love his or her own look and voice.”

BoA, already nicknamed as “cold-hearted mother,” said she would consider personality most importantly. She said, “Personality is one of the basics of a person. I believe a person’s will to make a better future, effort, and potential are decided depending on his or her personality.”

However, the three K-pop Star judges all agreed on one criterion. That was potential.

One of the staffs from K-pop Star said, “We are even often surprised by their objective screening. But we know their clear screening criteria so we 100% trust their decisions. Their decisions will also persuade the audience who watch K-pop Star for sure. Please give us a lot of your interest and support.”

The winner of K-pop Star will take a cash prize of three hundred million won, an opportunity to release an album globally, and a car as an additional prize.


Source: TV Report

By eternalc2h @ Korea.com

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