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YG Family Concert 2011 Set List + Link Guide

Set List

BIGBANG Group Set List:
Part 1
1) Tonight Remix
2) Hands Up
+) Talk/Introductions
3) Cafe
4) Love Song Acoustic Version

Part 2 (after other artists’ performances)
5) Haru Haru
6) Lies
+) Talk
7) Heaven

BIGBANG with YG Family:
1) T.O.P – Digital Bounce with Se7en
2) G-Dragon – Hip-Hop Gentlemen with Jinusean and Se7en
3) Taeyang – Tomorrow with Tablo
4) Daesung – It Hurts (2NE1) with Se7en
5) Daesung, Taeyang, Seungri – Lonely Acoustic Version (2NE1) with Se7en
6) GD&TOP – Oh Yeah with Minzy & CL
7) GD&TOP – High High
8) Seungri – Short skit imitating Se7en
9) G-Dragon – Heartbreaker with Gummy (This version will be released in Gummy’s new album)
10) BIGBANG except Taeyang – I Am The Best (GD did CL’s part, Seungri – Dara, T.O.P – Bom and Daesung did Minzy’s)
11) YG Family – Champion

– BIGBANG wore black and white suits during their group performances.
– Daesung very energetic and the crowd screams very loud during his parts.
– Seungri and Seungri got some flowers from the audience.
– During the talk, Taeyang introduced himself first.
– Gummy next after BIGBANG then Se7en
– T.O.P back on stage for Digital Bounce with Se7en. After their performance, they did a “man hug” and T.O.P said “Saranghaeyo” to Se7en before leaving.
– T.O.P was wearing a hound dog checkered jacket and sunglasses.
– Se7en, Jinusean and GD perform Hip-Hop Gentlemen. GD wearing black jacket and orange baggy pants!
– GD & Se7en left. Jinusean performed A-Yo
– Taeyang wearing green leopard pattern jacket during Tomorrow
– When Seungri did his Se7en impersonation, the crowd laughed so hard and Seungri was also laughing hard at himself. Se7en performed Come Back to Me after.
– During BIGBANG’s second talk part, when GD started talking, the crowd screamed so hard that he got shy, laughed and bowed
– During Lies, Big Bang asked audience to wave their lightsticks
– During Heaven, while the other members were running around the stage, T.O.P just stayed in the middle dancing
– Gummy and 2NE1 performed Last Farewell
– Taeyang said during Talk Part 2, “See you at the Big Show next year”


Credits: @bbvipz, @welovedara, @bbvipako, weibo.com/fancy1120, @BlackjackBelle

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