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Super Junior’s Heechul & Hwanhee are stationed at the same location

Super Junior‘s Heechul and singer Hwanhee are currently serving their military duties at the same location.

Kim Heechul began his four weeks of basic training at the Nonsan training center back on September 1st, and has been serving as a public service worker at the Sungdong District Office since September 30th. Singer Hwanhee who has a problematic shoulder began his own basic training on October 27th, and has also been serving his military duties at the Sundong District Office since the end of November.

The two are reportedly building a strong friendship as two celebrities having met under different circumstances, and a source close to Heechul remarked, “They work in the same building, and they are only a single floor apart from each other. Whenever they have some free time, they meet to talk about various subjects. They have a lot more time now to talk, as opposed to briefly running into each other backstage here and there, and are definitely taking advantage of the situation.”

Kim Heechul goes back and forth between the Super Junior dormitory and the Sungdong District Office, and is faithfully serving his duties as a Korean citizen. Hwanhee is also serving his country with pride, but also pays close attention to the progress of his boy group, My Name.


Source & Image: Newsen

by leesa86 @ allkpop

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