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MBLAQ, So Ji Sub, & more win awards at ’19th Korean Cultural Entertainment Awards’

On December 15th, the ‘19th Korean Cultural Entertainment Award‘ ceremony was held in Seoul, and awards were handed out to deserving winners under a variety of categories, including ‘Drama’, ‘Movie’, ‘Entertainment’, and ‘Music’.

A total of 70 nominees were elected for these awards; finalists were chosen based on votes from netizens and suggestions by experts. The filtered candidates from this process were then reviewed by a jury, before the winners were finally named.

The awards were granted to the following stars:

Music Segment

Idol Music Grand Award- MBLAQ
Senior Music Grand Award- Song Dae Gwan
Most Popular Singer Award- Park Sang Chul

Movie Segment

Movie Grand Award- So Ji Sub (‘Always’)
Best Actor Award- Ryu Seung Ryong (‘Arrow, The Ultimate Weapon’)
Best Actress Award- Moon Chae Won (‘Arrow, The Ultimate Weapon’)
Rookie Award- Lee Jae Hoon (‘Bleak Night’), Min Hyo Rin (‘Sunny’)

Drama Segment

Drama Grand Award- Lee Tae Kon (‘King Gwanggaeto the Great’)
Best Actor Award- Lee Tae Sung (‘Hooray for Love’)
Best Actress Award- Lee Da Hae (‘Miss Ripley’)

Entertainment Award- Moon Hee Jun, Kim Shin Young

Hallyu Grand Award- SNSD, Jang Geun Suk

Congratulations to all the winners!


Source + Photos: Nate
Tip: Luna Fairylin @ allkpop

by MrTuxedo @ allkpop

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