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Block B’s P.O becomes suddenly ill while filming ‘Death Camp 24 Hours’

Idol group Block B member P.O suddenly became ill on the set of MBC Everyone‘s ‘Death Camp 24 Hours‘, causing the shoot to unexpectedly come to a halt.

While shooting the episode of ‘Death Camp’ scheduled to air December 20th, P.O completed his first mission and on his way to the second, all color drained from his face and he seemed to be exhausted. He ceased the shoot, cancelled the rest of his scheduled events for the day and returned to his dorm.

His sudden sickness concerned the staff and cast members alike, as P.O possesses the strongest physical stamina of everyone on set. P.O is not one to irresponsibly stage a sickness to get out of a shoot, and the staff believe he consumed all his energy by running for a few hours straight.

P.O remembered to send text messages to his seniors and staff members, apologizing for inconveniencing them.

The viewers themselves as coined ‘Death Camp 24 Hours’ as a highly intense program, where the cast members put 10% of their program-feature pay on the line, and compete to complete a gruesome 24-hour itinerary.

Other celebrities have reportedly exhausted themselves after being on ‘Death Camp’, such as comedian Ji Suk Jin, Jung Joori, Hwang Hyun Hee, Yang Sae Hyung, and more.

‘Death Camp 24 Hours’ airs every Tuesday at 11:00PM KST.


Source & Image : OSEN

by leesa86 @ allkpop

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