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Upcoming Drama “Flower Boy Band” Reveals Cast through First Teaser

tvN’s follow-up “Flower Boy” series has unveiled its first teaser that introduces its cast of characters. As reported earlier, “Shut Up: Flower Boy Band” is the second in the “Flower Boy” series that tvN is producing, after the successful “Flower Boys of the Ramen Shop.”

The 30-second video provides a first glimpse of the actors and the characters they play. The “good-looking band” finds a leader in Kwon Ji Hyuk, to be played by Sung Joon (“Lie to Me”). The leader is also the band’s main vocalist.

(From left: Kim Min Suk, L, Sung Joon, Lee Hyun Jae, Yoo Min Kyu)

L of the K-pop group Infinite plays second guitarist Lee Hyun Soo. Lee Hyun Jae plays the drummer Jang Do Il, a character close to his real life, as he is the drummer of rock band Mate. “Super Star K3’s” Kim Min Suk plays keyboardist Seo Kyung Jong. “Oh! Boy Audition” participant Yoo Min Kyu rounds up the cast.

“Shut Up: Flower Boy Band” is planned for 16 episodes that will begin airing in January 2012.


Video credit: jaghetermary4 @ YouTube

Source : Soompi

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