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“J.Y. Park & I are like brothers,” says YG on ‘K-POP Star’ tension concerns

Yang Hyun Suk spoke up recently to assure fans that although he and J.Y. Park may not see eye-to-eye all the time when judging contestants, they’re still as close as ever.

The two producers, along with singer BoA of SM Entertainment, became judges for SBS‘s new survival audition contest, ‘K-POP Star‘. The atmosphere was fairly comfortable until the most recent episode, when viewers saw Yang Hyun Suk and J.Y. Park butt heads over the star quality of some contestants.

It began with French contestant Julie, to whom J.Y. Park said, I love singers who look comfortable on stage. However, I do not enjoy watching those who cannot sing be that comfortable. Yang, however, disagreed. I think differently. You have an amazing voice, he said.

For contestant Kim Ha Eun, Yang stated, I was more attracted to your pansori (Korean traditional music) act than your singing. You should stay on that road instead, while J.Y. Park expressed, You were so good. I feel like your pansori style is very similar to R&B/soul, and you nailed it.”

Their disagreements made some viewers feel nervous, and so Yang Hyun Suk decided to clear the air.

I judge based on a contestant’s individuality and personality, while (Park) Jin Young bases his judgments on raw talent. It is inevitable that we would have different opinions. However, Jin Young and I have been close friends for over 20 years now. Off camera, we’re like brothers. Fans shouldn’t worry about us having a bad relationship. I chose to be on ‘K-POP Star’ because I heard he would be on the show as well, and he chose to be on the show because he heard I would be on it. Yes, we won’t always have the same opinions but we both respect and trust each other very much,” he said.


Source + Image: Nate

by jae.lea.jung @ allkpop

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