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Archive for December 23, 2011

Pledis Boys’ Baekho asks fans for their love & support

Pledis Boys member Baekho posted a picture while backstage at Mnet‘s M! Countdown asking fans to pour out their love and support for Happy Pledis.

On December 22nd, Baekho wrote through his me2day, “Did you watch the M! Countdown broadcast today~~? Please give lots of love to the Pledis family members and please give me, Baekho, lots of love, too!! hehehehe ^^”

As a member of the Happy Pledis family, After School‘s UEE also left a comment on her me2day account in response to Baekho, stating, “Baekho is next to me on me2day, so I thought I would come see!!!! Our Pledis family! Baekho fighting!!”

In the picture that Baekho uploaded, he is seen smiling cheerfully towards the camera while pointing to the M! Countdown sign for the Pledis room. Fans were particularly drawn to Baekho’s cute charms in the picture.


SM introduces new boy group member, Kai

Yesterday, we reported that SM Entertainment set up a countdown timer for their new idol group.


LEDApple hopes to become “the smartphone of the music industry”

The members of LEDApple recently sat down for an interview with StarIn and revealed that they wanted to become “the smartphone of the music industry.”

Inspired by the revolutionary development of a smartphone, LEDApple expressed that they wanted to showcase continual growth with their music. With smartphones, each new update creates an irresistible desire amongst users to upgrade to the next level. Likewise, LEDApple wants every new release to further entice the public to listen to their music.

The band debuted back in October of 2010, but they’ve gone through several member changes since then so they consider themselves a ‘middle-aged rookie group’. The frequent member changes don’t seem to worry them, as they considered it as a rite of passage.

Youngjun and Kwangyeon expressed, “The member switchups  gave the overall group a different feel. We feel that compared to the past, we’ve become a lot more sturdy and complete.”


Line-up for Hallyu-themed ’2011 SBS Gayo Daejun’ revealed

SBS will be holding their ‘2011 Gayo Daejun‘ on the night of December 29th live at 8:50 p.m. KST!

Representatives of SBS revealed, “We’re preparing stages centered around the theme of Hallyu. Like our previous festivals, singers will be holding joint stages together. The details aren’t hashed out yet, nor are the MCs confirmed.”

Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul and CNBLUE‘s Jung Yonghwa hosted the event for two consecutive years, but as one is currently on army duty and the other is busy with other schedules, SBS has been forced to search for replacements.

As such, Yonghwa will only be performing with CNBLUE for the event. His representative explained, “CNBLUE will be beginning their Asia tour next month so their schedule is booked.”


MBC releases ‘Best Couple’ nominations for the ’2011 MBC Entertainment Awards’

The ‘2011 MBC Entertainment Awards‘ has kicked off with the release of its eight ‘Best Couple Award’ nominations!

On December 22nd, MBC opened up their official homepage for the ceremony and uploaded the votes for the ‘Best Couple’ nominations. In the list are couples from ‘We Got Married‘, ‘High Kick 3‘, ‘Infinity Challenge‘, and even ‘I Am a Singer‘.

Fans were amused to see the unlikely couplings from their favorite shows and expressed anticipation over the results.

Check out the full nominations below:


SHINee to release a photobook of their ‘SHINee World’ Asia tour

SHINee will be releasing a new concert photobook on December 26th!

The photobook will contain pictures from their Asia tour concert, ‘SHINee The 1st Concert – SHINee World‘, along with behind-the-scenes, rehearsal, and waiting room photos, all amounting to a total of 192 pages.

In addition, the photobooks will come with booklets full of stories, Q&A sessions, and handwritten messages and autographs from their Nagoya concert in October.

Fans who weren’t able to attend the concerts definitely won’t want to miss out on this!


Idols choose INFINITE as the best idol of 2011

MBC Every1‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘ recently surveyed idol stars to pick the ‘best idol of 2011′.

Although it’s interesting to see what industry officials and fans have to say on this topic, the opinions of idols on their contemporaries is doubly so. Participating groups for this survey included B2ST, INFINITE, B1A4, G.NA, T-ara, the Brown Eyed Girls, and many others.

In first place was ‘the hottest trend idols of 2011′, INFINITE. Miryo commented, “They’ve reached the spot of the trendiest idols yet!” while Rainbow‘s No Eul added, “With just their songs alone, they’ve managed to gain public recognition and popularity.”

Many chose the daebak popularity of “Be Mine” and “Paradise” as their reason.