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B2ST announces 21-city world tour + Cube to debut new 7 member boy group

On December 26th, Cube Entertainment held their ‘Cube Entertainment Vision Briefing‘ press conference at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul, and unveiled their plans for 2012.

To start, officials announced that B2ST will embark on a 21-city tour. They’ll be kicking off the tour in Seoul on February 4th, followed by Germany (Berlin), England (London), Spain, America (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco), Canada (Vancouver, Toronto), Singapore, Japan (five cities), Thailand (Bangkok), China (Shanghai), Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.

Thus far, 14 countries and 21 cities have been confirmed, with Brazil and Argentina still in discussion.

Over $20 million USD is being invested in the tour, and Cube hopes to attract at least 200,000 fans in total. They’ll be taking the tour to new heights by bringing in LED screens, the best video equipment, and 3D effects.

Yoseob stated, “I’m proud that B2ST is able to perform all over the world, and not just in Korea. We promise to work even harder next year.” Another official added, “2012 will be the year that B2ST expands out of Asia and into the rest of the world. They’ll receive a lot of love right alongside the K-Pop boom.”

In addition, the CEO Hong Seung Sung stated, “From February to the end of April, B2ST will be releasing three singles. The January release will be ballad, hip hop in February, and medium dance in March. From April to May, they will have a Korean comeback. 4minute will make their comeback in January, followed by ‘Birth of a Great Star‘ contestant Noh Ji Hoon‘s solo debut.”

Later, the CEO revealed that they will be debuting a seven member boy group next year. He stated, “We’re currently looking at a debut date of either the end of January or mid-February. Five of the members are currently starring in a jTBC TV show with Jo Kwan Woo, while the remaining two are currently rehearsing and recording songs.”

4minute also talked about what makes K-Pop so special. “K-Pop has a lot of genres and the members all have such strong individual charms. It has something that can’t be found in other countries, and there are a lot of groups that differentiate themselves from anything in the norm. K-Pop is music that you ‘see’.”

G.NA added, “I also think they like the concept of aegyo culture in Korea.”

The girls added, “We’re currently working on our new album. As opposed to going with something mainstream, we want to find our own color, and all of the members want to try something new. It’s going to be an album where we can confidently say that we’re the first to do so.”

Gayoon continued, “We always tell this to our fans, but what 4minute aims for is not to be the best, but to be the only. We want to be acknowledged for a color all our own, and only after that will we aim to become the best.”


Source + Photos: Mydaily, Joongang, Sports World via Naver

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