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Netizens select JYJ as ‘Best Idol Star’ of 2011 over Lee Seung Gi

Idol group JYJ triumphed over singer / actor Lee Seung Gi as well as girl group SNSD to be crowned the nation’s top idol star.

From December 8th to the 28th, KBS held a ‘2011 Best Icon Award‘ poll on their website and JYJ secured the #1 spot for ‘Best Idol Star’.

JYJ with 58,357 votes beat out Lee Seung Gi who had 53,560 votes to come out on top. JYJ who released their first special full-length Korean album ‘In Heaven‘ this year have proven that they are capable and talented musicians.

Behind JYJ were not only Lee Seung Gi, but also Park Si Hoo, Kim Hyun Joong, Girls’ Generation, and more.

Netizens favorite corner on ‘Gag Concert‘ proved to be ‘The Loving Man Who Makes Ambiguous Decisions’ which came in at #1, and actor Shin Ha Kyun of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Brain‘ seized the #1 spot for ‘Best Cast Role’.

Fans also picked ‘Choir’ over ‘Ramen Expert’ as their favorite mission on ‘Happy Sunday – Qualifications of Men‘.


Source & Image: MyDaily

by leesa86 @ allkpop

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