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TEEN TOP releases a concept photo of Ricky and Chunji

TEEN TOP has been promoting their “Driving Me Crazy” comeback with a myriad of photo teasers. This time, they’ve released concept photos of members Ricky and Chunji!

Updated through their official homepage on January 2nd, the picture features the same rebellious concept from their previous teasers. The ominous blue filtering makes the boys look like they’re up to no good, a definite change from their previous image.

Check back for the rest of the members, and be sure to check out their teaser video if you haven’t already.

The full album and music video will be released on January 5th!


B2ST will perform a new song at their Seoul concert next month

B2ST has revealed that they’re busily preparing for their next new song.

Representatives of Cube Entertainment revealed on January 2nd, “B2ST will be releasing their first new song of 2012 before the start of their world tour. The song will be performed next month for the first time at their Seoul concert.”

As previously revealed, the boys will be touring 21 cities worldwide starting February 4th. They’ll also be releasing three digital singles before a final mini-album in April.

The representative continued, “During their world tour, B2ST will be presenting their fans with songs from a variety of genres like ballad, medium tempo, and dance.”


CHAOS’s Taeyang changes his stage name to ‘Park Taeyang’ due to fan complaints

Earlier this week, Piggy Dolls‘ label revealed that they would be debuting a funky boy group named CHAOS.

Fans quickly noticed that one of the members was named Taeyang, the same as Big Bang‘s Taeyang, and expressed their immediate disapproval over the usage. Since Taeyang is already using the name, fans of Big Bang asked the company to use a different name. The company complied, revealing that Taeyang will include his last name into his stage name, thus becoming ‘Park Taeyang‘.

Winning InSight revealed, Taeyang’s name isn’t a stage name but his real name. He used to promote under the name Park Taeyang back in 2004. We’ll make sure to include his last name in his future promotions, and hope this clears up any misunderstandings.”


Source + Photos: Mydaily via Naver

by VITALSIGN @ allkpop

K-Pop Videos Set New Record on YouTube

K-Pop has taken the world by storm last year, and the movement was clearly evident in the total number of views K-Pop videos have generated over the past year on YouTube. It was reported today by local media JoongAng Ilbo that K-Pop videos were viewed nearly 2.3 billion times worldwide in the past year, breaking the previous year’s record of 800 million views by nearly threefold.

According to the report JoongAng Ilbo acquired from YouTube, K-Pop music videos were seen 2.28 billion times from 235 countries during the period of January 1 to December 5. The most clicks came from Japan where K-Pop videos were seen more than 423 million times, followed by the U.S. with 240 million views. Thailand came in at third with 220 million view counts, with Taiwan and Vietnam at #4 and #5 with 180 million and 170 million views, respectively.

Some of the odd countries in the top list were the U.A.E, which brought in 4.8 million views, and Kuwait with 1.7 million view counts, showing K-Pop has made its way into the Middle Eastern market as well. North Korea also saw K-Pop 188 times through YouTube, the report said.

“The year 2011 was the first year when K-Pop really established itself as a global trend, instead of a temporary fad. In 2012, K-Pop will continue to grow its influence around the world,” Google Korea said.


S.M. Entertainment 2012 Global Auditions

SM Global Auditions have been an annual event since 2006. Henry of Super Junior M and f(x) member Amber were talented individuals picked up by the Global Auditions.

The SM Global Auditions will take place in New York on February 18, Chicago on February 20, San Francisco on February 26, and LA on March 3.

Auditions are open for anyone and there is no application fee.

Applications can be sent via e-mail to: 2012usa@smtown.com, 2012canada@smtown.com or YouTube (www.youtube.com/audition)


Jaehyo Answers Why Block B Was Absent from Year End Award Shows

It is very curious as to why Block B’s presence was not seen in the year end shows. It’s not as though rookie groups were shunned from attending. MTV “Match Up” show-mates B1A4 and fellow rookie group Boyfriend were allowed to perform. Most would argue that Block B is just as talented as any other current rookie group. The boys on the block have even taken second place in Daum fancafe rankings for rookie groups in 2011. No doubt the boys are quite popular, though they unfortunately were unable to secure a spot. Despite it all the members continue to be a class act as they are modest and taking the blame upon themselves.

Recently, Block B’s Jaehyo addressed the issue by posting a message to his Twitter account. In his Tweet he expressed his own disappointment while he tried to comfort fans, “I will just close my eyes and cover my ears so I won’t see or hear anything. I hope that next year will be the year of Block B! See you all soon at Lotte World~”.

He continued, “I am truly sorry that we were unable to be on TV for the end of the year. Our fans are really the best and are always there to support us. It is because our performance has been lacking that this has happened. I am sorry. Next year, we will work even harder than before, so you will be able to see us at the end of the year shows!”

Block B is currently preparing for their comeback. According to leader Zico, the album will be released soon with in either January or February. What are your opinions on Block B?  Why do you feel Block B was overlooked by award shows?


Source : Soompi