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CHAOS’s Taeyang changes his stage name to ‘Park Taeyang’ due to fan complaints

Earlier this week, Piggy Dolls‘ label revealed that they would be debuting a funky boy group named CHAOS.

Fans quickly noticed that one of the members was named Taeyang, the same as Big Bang‘s Taeyang, and expressed their immediate disapproval over the usage. Since Taeyang is already using the name, fans of Big Bang asked the company to use a different name. The company complied, revealing that Taeyang will include his last name into his stage name, thus becoming ‘Park Taeyang‘.

Winning InSight revealed, Taeyang’s name isn’t a stage name but his real name. He used to promote under the name Park Taeyang back in 2004. We’ll make sure to include his last name in his future promotions, and hope this clears up any misunderstandings.”


Source + Photos: Mydaily via Naver

by VITALSIGN @ allkpop

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