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2NE1 Holds Second Interview with BBC News

On January 2, 2NE1 held its second interview with BBC News in the past month. In a segment about K-Pop’s influence in Japan and how it’s changing the perception of Koreans living in Japan, 2NE1 was featured as one of the main K-Pop groups that have led the recent Hallyu movement overseas.

BBC News opened up by saying, “Many have complained of discrimination over the years, but now all attitudes are being challenged by the growing popularity in Japan of Korean pop music.” 2NE1 was subsequently asked why K-Pop is doing so well, and CL answered, “I don’t know if it’s just the music but it’s the whole culture, you know. And a lot of K-Pop singers are in Japan right now and doing everything. So I think it’s the whole culture.”

On December 16, CL appeared on BBC News and talked about the group’s success and the significance of winning the MTV Iggy’s “Best New Band of the Year” award. You can see the first interview here.


Source : Soompi

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