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2NE1’s Sandara Park and Park Bom Released From YG’s Dating Ban

2NE1 member Sandara Park is overjoyed this year–she is absolutely free to date whoever she wants this year! Park Bom, who is also the same age as Sandara, is also free from the dating ban that was in their contract with YG.

She posted on her Me2Day saying, “Today’s new years! 99% of the texts that I received from my friends and acquaintances were, ‘I hope you get a cool boyfriend this year,’ and ‘Have a wonderful love this year!’ It seems that people around me are more worried than I am about getting a boyfriend! As promised by YG CEO, we are free to date starting this year! Woot! Anyways, everyone, have a blessed new year! I want to become cuter this year!”

She continued, “Age does not matter for us anymore! Cuter! More fun and entertaining! Fighting!”

She also upload a picture along with her post. She’s seen wearing a bright hot pink T-shirt, along with cutesy makeup and a long wavy brown hairstyle.

The netizens that saw this post commented, “Big congratulations on your dating ban being over!” “I hope you meet a nice/cool boyfriend this year,” and “You’re plenty cute right now, I wonder how you’ll become even cuter.. I’m curious.”

On the other hand, 2NE1 won the “Rookie Award” on Japan‘s TBSRecord Grand Awards.”


Source : Soompi

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