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Big Bang sends their New Year’s greetings

Big Bang has just released a video wishing fans a Happy New Year through their YouTube channel.

The video kicked off with G-Dragon‘s greeting, followed by Seungri, Daesung, Taeyang, and T.O.P. The goofy members found a way to incorporate their own names into the greeting.

Check out the video and the translations below!

G-Dragon: “Knock knock. Hello, this is G-Dragon. A new year’s card has arrived for you. I’ve prepared a new year’s greeting. They say 2012 is the year of the dragon [“yong” in Korean], and as you know, my name is Jiyong~ I think next year will be a year that I’ll really look forward to. I pray that next year will be meaningful and filled with good things for all of you. Happy New Year.”

Seungri: “Knock knock knock. Hello, this is Seungri. A new year’s card has arrived for you. I’ve also prepared a new year’s greeting. I will hope this will be a year in which you achieve victory [“seungri” in Korean] in love, victory in your studies, victory in work, and victory in everything that you want. This was Big Bang’s Seungri ringing in the new year, 2012.”

Daesung: “Knock knock. Hello, this is Daesung. A new year’s card has arrived for you. I’ve also prepared a new year’s greeting. Everyone, attain greatness [“daesung” in Korean] this year. Us, Big Bang, are energetically starting off again this year, so let us and all of you attain greatness!Daesung, Daesung, Daesung.”

Taeyang: “Knock knock. Hello, this is Taeyang. A new year’s card has arrived for you. Hello everyone, I, also, have prepared a new year’s greeting. Happy New Year. In 2012, a new sun [“taeyang” in Korean] will rise, and Big Bang’s Taeyang will also rise. I sincerely hope that in 2012, everything you wish for and want will come true. Everyone, fighting!”

T.O.P: “Knock knock. A new year’s card has arrived for you. The first day of 2012 has arrived. I hope that 2012 will be the year that you remember as the ‘top’. Top. You are my t-o-p.”


by carolicity @ allkpop

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