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CHAOS talks about what sets them apart from other idols

When rookie boy group CHAOS sat down for their first interview, reporters immediately noticed that they weren’t like the other debuts. For one, they didn’t look intimidated and made sure to meet everyone’s gaze.

Reporters readily agreed that upon meeting Dongmin, Doohwan, Park Taeyang, Hyunsun, and Heejae, the first thought that came to their mind was that they were not accustomed to such an idol group.

When questioned what made them so different, Park Taeyang responded, “Whenever I saw idols on TV, I wondered to myself why all of them looked so similar, why they even danced the same things over and over again. I didn’t really like that and so we knew off the bat that if we’re not going to be different, that we’re not going to do this at all.”

Told that they don’t have any of the cutesy manner of speech or facial expressions that other boy groups have, they shrugged and responded, “We sometimes get into physical fights if our opinions erupt into an argument. Still, we make sure that everything ends on the spot and make up afterwards.”

Heejae continued, “Our fans nicknamed us ‘macho idols.’ That doesn’t mean we’re violent or scary, though. You can tell just by our eyes who we really are.”

With Norazo as their labelmate senior, they’ve come to treasure individuality as much as they have. Park Taeyang and Hyunsun are both 24 years old and became friends while serving in the army together. As the team’s oldest hyungs, they watch over their younger members. Heejae, who trained for two years and six months, is the team’s leader and ‘center’ of the group, the one who oversees sub-vocalist Dongmin and main vocalist Doohwan.

At the mention of their title track, “She Is Coming“, Hyunsun concluded with a laugh, “We’re not the ones going to her, she’s the one coming to us. That’s what a real man is. We’ll show you what it means to be a man on stage.”


Source + Photos: Sports Korea

by VITALSIGN @ allkpop

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