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F.I.X. talks about their Super Junior connection, OST history, and role models

We’re barely into the first week of January, and already new idol groups have emerged to climb their way to stardom. F.I.X. isn’t your average boy group who rely on pretty boy looks or talented dancers to bring the spotlight — they’ve spent a long while honing their skills in both vocals and composing, and they’re also older than your average rookie.

OSEN recently caught up with F.I.X, who greeted them happily. During the course of the interview, the reporter learned that member Jung Wook (24) is actually the younger cousin of Super Junior‘s Ryeowook.

Ryeowook hyung was more of a brother to me than a cousin,” said Jungwook. “When I told him that I would be debuting as singer, he told me to work hard and always be modest. He said to always respectfully greet everyone around me, and not worry about discouraging comments I read online. Ryeowook hyung debuted when I was a freshman in high school, but he continued to keep in touch with me and buy me food. He would listen to me when I needed someone to talk to, and always gave me all the cash in his wallet without even counting it.”

Because Jungwook and Ryeowook are cousins, fellow Super Junior member Eunhyuk volunteered to act in F.I.X’s new MV. Thanks to Eunhyuk, the boys’ MV was a big hit online.

Eunhyuk hyung was nice enough to feature in our MV, and because of him, we received over 10,000 hits in a single day,” said Oh Song (25). “I go to the same gym as Eunhyuk hyung, so we grew a bit close, but we met with Ryeowook hyung a few times too.”

F.I.X’s agency is an entertainment company that produces OSTs. Because of this, the boys were able to participate in a number of soundtracks before making their official debut as an idol group.

We participated in a few different OSTs for hit drama series like ‘The Greatest Love‘, ‘Can You Hear My Heart‘, ‘Padam Padam‘, ‘Road Number One‘, and more. The OST for ‘Ojakgyo Brothers‘ which Jungwook sang in became a sensation online, the #1 searched item on portal sites. I think that we are much more confident now because we were able to take part in things like this beforehand,” said Noori (age not listed)

F.I.X member personally composed a few rap lines as well, and took part in the composition process for their songs. The members believe that their experience will work to their advantage and give them an edge against other idol rookies this year.

Sungwoo (age not listed) stated, There are five songs in total on our new album, and Noori wrote most of the raps. He will most likely be a lot more involved in future albums. Us members believe that things will start to get better, as we have been through a lot until this point. We are aware that other idols are in their teens, and we are a bit older, ranging from 24 to our 30s. But I think that has its own appeal, and it makes for a emotionally richer group.

But their experience included more than just singing for OSTs and penning some music. Before they officially debuted, F.I.X. stood on a few different stages to understand what it takes to deliver a great performance.

Oh Song explained, WANTED‘s Kim Jae Suk sunbaenim is part of our agency as well. When he had individual concerts, we went on stage with him, and when senior Kim Jo Han had a concert, we were invited as his special guests. We also went to different events all across the nation to build more stage experience. Because of this, we were able to cultivate fans in France, who created our ‘Bella’ fan club for us. It was really interesting.”

When asked who their role models were, they remarked that it was old-school K-Pop group g.o.d as they admired their approachable image.

Noori said, We want to become like our seniors g.o.d. They have released so many great classics, and their image is similar to ours. They seem approachable, and we want to become like that. We are an idol group, but we want to remain down-to-earth and communicate well with our fans.”

F.I.X. released their debut album on January 4th, and are now actively promoting on music programs.


Source & Image : OSEN

by leesa86 @ allkpop

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