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Popular Youtuber, The Fine Bros, releases “Kids React!” video on K-pop

Earlier today, popular Youtube Series “Kids React!” posted a video on K-Pop, in particular they review “Bonamana” by Super Junior, GEE by Girls’ Generation, and 2NE1‘s “I am the Best“. As expected, K-pop fans have flocked to the video in droves.

The Kids React! series is the brainchild of filmakers Benny & Rafi Fine. The duo produce, direct, and MC the videos. Their channel has over 1.3 million subscribers.

The children themselves range from age 7 to 13. They are from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds, but all seem to be raised/living-in America. Every week, the kids are presented with a topic and their reactions and commentary are recorded.

In the episode on K-pop, one young girl confuses Girls’ Generation with the Wonder Girls, while one of the boys equates the genre to “Asian Rebecca Black“. Most of the children seemed impressed with the production quality and creativity of the music videos, things many kpop fans enjoy as well.


JYJ opens their official YouTube channel

JYJ has finally opened their official YouTube page!

On January 8th, the boys welcomed fans to their long-awaited channel, which now holds their music videos, past performances, and making-of films from the MV sets.

In the video, Jaejoong encourages a lot of fans to come check out their videos on the channel and help them gain high view counts. He talks about how the number of clicks reflect the number of their fans, which cause Junsu and Yoochun to crack up controllably over his mistake. Junsu then replies, “Even if we have only 1,000 fans, I’d still be happy!“, a sentiment Jaejoong echoes with the more dramatic figure of 100.

Check out their video below!


Oricon Includes 2PM and JYP Nation’s Concerts as the Best of 2011

On January 6, Yahoo News Japan published a list made by Oricon, of the twelve most impressive concerts of 2011. The 2PM Arena Tour and the JYP Nation in Japan 2011 were included in the list.

These twelve concerts were chosen by Oricon’s Chief Editor who had the opportunity to assist to 124 events all along 2011. Among the names of Japanese artists such as EGO-WRAPPIN or Uverworld, the names of Korean concerts of 2PM and JYP Nation, stand out as he described them as: “Impressive and fantastic concerts with beautiful dances all along.”

He described both concerts separately as well. He declared: “JYP NATION in Japan 2011 at the Saitama Super Arena, I was fascinated by the producer. J.Y. Park’s performance… Each artist has a great potential and not just while singing. I enjoyed their collaborations and their dances. I felt that I was seeing one of the best entertainment shows. To be honest, at that moment i just listened to songs of 2PM and 2AM, but I was so into the concert that the three hours and a half passed by really quick. “What’s next?” I just enjoyed the whole concert.”

Regarding 2PM’s concert he mentioned: “2PM ARENA TOUR 2011 “REPUBLIC OF 2PM” at the Nihon Budokan, the great dance movements, the catchy melodies of every song and the stage prepared for the arena. Everything was impressive. Beauty, fierce, coolness. Every man in 2PM has his own character and I loved them all. They continue gaining fans in Japan, as we can see for their added dates to their concert. I’m sure that in 2012, they will climb even higher from where they are now.”