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Boy groups predicted to dominate the K-pop music scene in 2012

It would not be an overstatement to say that 2011 was all about the girl groups. Girls’ Generation, T-ara, Brown Eyed Girls, KARA, Wonder Girls, as well as other female idols topped the charts and had a strong grip on the K-pop music scene.

But now, 2012 is shaping up to be all about the boys. CHAOS, F.I.X, TEEN TOP, as well as other rookie boy groups have began their new promotions to kick off 2012, and their powerful stage performances as well as their confident vocals are raising fans’ expectations for their 2012 activities.

Five-member boy group CHAOS released their first single “She is Coming” on January 6th. “She is Coming” is a cross between funky rhythm and Rock & Roll, and the MV for the song was met with an explosive response upon release.

CHAOS, which made its debut through SBS Inkigayo on January 8th put on an impressive dance performance dressed in pink and grey stage ensembles and showcased their vocals live for the very first time. Norazo‘s Lee Hyuk was also revealed to be their vocal coach, further raising fans’ expectations for the group as a whole.

Fellow boy group F.I.X also debuted “Please Don’t Say” on the same stage. The song sings of a man who cannot come to terms with separating with his lover, and his desperate emotions are well-delivered through the lyrics. 14 orchestral instruments create the harmonious melody for the track, and the boys have impressed viewers as well as broadcasting network representatives with their strong vocal talent that sets them apart from other rookies.

And the boys of TEEN TOP who instantly became an overnight sensation have returned to their fans with their new mini album ‘IT’S‘. This album was one that fans were anxiously waiting for, as their title track was composed by none other than famous hit-maker, Brave Brothers.

Their title song “Going Crazy“ consists of a trendy, fast beat with an addictive melody. The boys who melted the hearts of their nuna fans with their colorful and bubbly image for “Don’t Wear Perfume” has undergone a complete transformation for their new song. The members dress in all-black stage ensembles and their fierce dance moves exude charisma and testosterone. Their new dance is becoming a hot topic of discussion amongst fans, and the boys are expected to have a fruitful year.


Source & Image : Etoday via Nate

by leesa86 @ allkpop

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