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Fans of B1A4 are sexually and physically assaulted by fans of Dal Shabet?: “The police says it’s a rumor”

A conflicts between fans of girl group Dal Shabet and boy group B1A4 are exacerbating. It was once serious online and is now even making rumors.

The conflict between the fans of two groups started from the day SBS Music Festival was held last year. There was a joint performance of Dal Shabet and B1A4, and fans of two groups criticized each other for touches involved in the choreography of the performance.

Especially a groundless rumor about Dal Shabet’s Serri annoys many people. The rumor is that Serri ignored a member of B1A4 who offered his hand. There’s also a rumor that some of B1A4′s fans were beaten by Dal Shabet’s fan club members.

Moreover, there were even some comments that some of B1A4′s fans were sexually and physically assaulted by Dal Shabet’s fan club members at the place where Idol Track & Field Championship took place. They say some of Dal Shabet’s fans were arrested for sexually and physically assaulting some B1A4 fans and some of B1A4′s fans are even missing. These types of rumors have spread online in a flash and are also making other rumors.

Regarding this matter, the police says the rumors are absurd. On January 9, police officials reported to Starnews, “There was no criminal act related to the Idol Track & Field Championship. There was nothing special to mention and no report, either.”

A spokesperson for Happy Face Entertainment, Dal Shabet’s agency, says, “Because of the vicious rumor, all Dal Shabet members, including Serri, feel sad and hard done by. We wish there’s no more groundless rumor coming out.”

Serri also expressed her feeling on her Twitter account with the comment, “I’m writing this now because I feel so sad that a groundless rumor about me is circulating. Please don’t make anything that hasn’t happened a real story. Please don’t make celebrities suffer from rumors. Please.”

Both agencies of Dal Shabet and B1A4 agreed not to be swayed by the groundless rumors. Some people are criticizing the situation on online community boards that some fans’ thoughtless behaviors are creating vicious rumors.


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