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Big Bang Announced “BIG SHOW 2012” Dates

Previously, Big Bang has announced that they will be kicking off their comeback through their “Big Show” concert this March. Today, the boys finally revealed more details for their much-awaited concert.

On January 10th, YG Entertainment announced that Big Bang will hold the “2012 BIGBANG CONCERT – BIG SHOW” for three consecutive days starting March 2nd at the Gymnastics Stadium at Olympic Park.”

Since 2009 till 2011, brand named ‘BIG BANG CONCERT – BIG SHOW’ has been held annually at the beginning of the year to wrap up for last year’s various activities of each member and start with a clean slate.

With Big Bang temporarily halted their activities last year, all fans from all over the world are waiting and anticipating for their comeback with 5 members again.


Source : dkpopnews

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