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Teen Top’s Agency Flooded with Calls from Parents

The “Crazy” group Teen Top’s agency is being flooded with calls from parents. After the group released their song “Crazy” on January 5, the agency has been getting calls from parents asking questions.

The reason for all these calls seem to be because of younger fans having to go early in the morning to watch music shows where Teen Top performs.

Parents are telling the agency, In order to be a part of the music show, my children have to wake up early in the morning but because there is no public transportation available we have to give them a ride,” “They don’t even know the way to the broadcasting stations and they are leaving early in the morning, please delay your check time,” “I don’t know why they have to leave so early when the broadcasting is actually later in the day.”

One female fan’s mother said, “Now that Teen Top has comeback I am using my vacation days to go to a broadcasting company with my daughter on the weekend, 7am in the morning.”

Teen Top’s agency stated, “Our fans are usually young teenagers and a lot of times parents will call us directly. More than before it seems like parents are a lot more active about their child’s interests. Although the calls from parents are a bit disarming, we are grateful that they are not calls about running away from home or going astray.”

I don’t know why but it warms my heart imagining parents waking up early in the morning and taking their kids to go watch Teen Top, what do you think? (Of course I would hate to be the parent)


Source : Soompi

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