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Big Bang to do it big in 2012!

Big Bang is aiming to make a big comeback in 2012.

The group will release an album in February, followed by a set of concerts titled Big Show in Seoul from March 2-4.

It is undecided whether the new album will be a full studio album or a mini album, but the Big Bang members are currently working hard on their new album and preparations for their concert.

With the new set of promotions, Big Bang will attempt to rebound higher after slipping up with Daesung’s car crash and G-Dragon’s drug scandal.

The five members of Big Bang previously forewarned their comeback by coming together at the 15th Anniversary YG Family Concert held on December 4. The group also performed in Osaka from January 7-8, and will continue with a performance in Saitama on January 21-22.

The reason why the March concerts mean more than the YG concerts, however, is that they will be exclusive Big Bang concerts. As two of its members had to go on a sudden hiatus, the group was previously unable to emerge in front of the public, but in 2012 it will be hitting the K-Pop scene yet again with an active line of promotions.

Because the concerts will be held for three days with 40,000 fans, they are expected to refuel Big Bang’s popularity. The group is also expected to land activities not only in Korea, but also overseas, as it stood at the center of the Korean wave.

Big Bang plans to use the year 2012 as a foothold to step up again in Korea and the world.


Source: Enewsworld | bigbangupdates

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