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Block B’s Zico is the first idol to be nominated for the ’2011 Hip Hop Playa Awards’

On January 11th, Korea’s largest hip hop music and music distribution portal, Hip Hop Playa, released their nominations for the ‘2011 Hip Hop Playa Awards‘.

Block B‘s Zico has made Hip Hop Playa history for being the first idol star to be nominated for an award. Zico was nominated for the ‘Featuring of the Year’ category thanks to his work with various artists over the year like i11evn, Verbal Jint, and Cho PD.

Although he stands shoulder-to-shoulder with heavyweight names like MC Meta, Zion.T, junggigo, and B-Free, Zico humbly tweeted, I don’t feel that I am worthy to be nominated for the Hip Hop Playa Awards. To stand shoulder to shoulder with such people, I’m still lacking in so much. I know that my fans love me…! So please vote based on talent and skill alone. I was really surprised to see my name there.. It’s not my time yet… won’t be for a long time.”

Block B will be making their comeback next month.


Source + Photos: Hip Hop Playa, allkpop

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